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Grand Opening by Carol Dandrade

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


A Mahayanna Formulation on Impermanence
by David Edwards
A Pitcher Transfered by Deborah Guzzi
A Summer Morning With Van Gogh
by Sunil Sharma
Absolution by Martina R. Reisz Newberry
Astronomers by Craig W. Steele
Birdtree by Myroslava Stefaniuk
Breaking Habits by T. A. Cullen
Circus by J. Scott Shields
Climate Change: 1450 by Rich Persoff
Cloud Circus by Marchell Dyon
Convergence by Cas Blomberg
Cranes Untouched by Kathleen Medvidofsky
Dear John by Martha Landman
Disclosing the Location by Sarah Henry
Dryad Diadem by Christine Tsen
Early Riser by Joanne Cucinello
Early Summer by James G. Piatt
Empty Pockets by Jeff Burt
Garage Sale by Sharon Larsen
Gigi, The Skinny Pug by Kristen Kauffman
Grandfather's House by Alena Orrison
Haiku by Ali Znaidi
Haiku by Ali Znaidi
Haiku Sequence by Harry Craft
Haiku XIX by Leslie E. Hoffman
Haiku XVII by Leslie E. Hoffman
Haiku XX by Leslie E. Hoffman
High Fives by Alexander Russo
I Am Me by Joanne Cucinello
Impuissance of an Aging Housewife
by Laurie Kolp
In Need of Immediate Care by Amy V. Rubin
Island Weather by Martha Landman
Let Freedom Reign by Ken Allan Dronsfield
Like a Lake When the Sun Pours Through It
by Jeff Burt
Love Letter to Mornings by Kristen Kauffman
Love Song by Patricia Williams
Lyon Gastronomique by Patricia Williams
Many Memories by Marylou Mansfield
Matinee by Richard Schnap
Mirror by J. Scott Shields
Mockingbird Remix by Jill Crainshaw
Monsoon Matins by J. Scott Shields
More than Meets the Eye by Patricia Williams
My Father's Cows by Sharon Larsen
My Home, the Dirt by Kelli Schmidt-Bultena
My Wake by T. A. Cullen
Nature Degraded, Yet Bountiful
by Sunil Sharma
Nature's Balm by James G. Piatt
Pensee by Harry Craft
Prismatics by Craig W. Steele
Rainy Monday by Ruth Z. Deming
Reflections by Jake Isaacson
River Rocked by Laurie Kolp
Romance by Sarah Henry
She Sang by Suchoon Mo
Shelter Dog by Christine Tsen
Spring by Myroslava Stefaniuk
Strolling with Students at the Glen Arboretum,
Towson University
by Alan Britt
Summer Rain by Linda Barrett
The Blue Bay Cafe by Damian Balassone
The Book by Amanda J. Evans
The Hour Between Dog and Wolf
by Martina Reisz Newberry
The Language of Me by Cas Blomberg
The Ocean at Dawn by A. J. Huffman
The Trodden Path by Danetta Barney
The Woodchuck House
by Kathleen Medvidofsky
Time In The Day by Marylou Mansfield
To The Boys by John Grey
Twilight Over the Hills by James G. Piatt
Two Lives: How My Wife Answered
One Simple Question
by Craig W. Steele
Two Mirrors by Damian Balassone
Unsaid by Kelli Schmidt-Bultena
Untitled Cinquain by David Edwards
We Are by Ida Duplantier
When a Leaf Blowing in the
Wind Seems Like a Hello
by Deirdre Fagan
Zipper by Marylou Mansfield


Aziz and the Alley Cat by Manijeh Badiozamani
Flight by Susan P. Blevins
Saying Good-Bye by Morgan Baker
Stalking John by Denise Boehler


A Direct Flight by Mary J. Breen
Dreamtime by Lynda Kirby
Friday Night Volunteer by Harriet Squier
My Grandmother's Last Birthday by April Vazquez
One More Tomorrow by Toni K. Pacini
Rendezvous at The Lake by Ruth Z. Deming
Sisters and Nanas by Lynda Kirby
Sky High by Vanessa J. Horn
That Luscious Moment by Sandra Staas
The Joy of Feeling by Amy Crosby
The Path by Lynda Kirby
The Will by April Vazquez
Venus in Bloom by Jes Friday
Wood Thrush by P. J. Wren
Woodcut by Beate Sigriddaughter


Carol Dandrade by Lisa Shea


Harriet's Apple Tree by Craig W. Steele

Art and Photography

Grand Opening by Carol Dandrade
Wasp by Mark Berkery
Tiger Longwing Butterfly by Elizabeth Daigle
Lily with Summer Rain by James C. Engberg
Carpenter Bee by Mark Berkery
Jewel Bug by Mark Berkery
Bee Fly by Mark Berkery
Male Jumping Spider by Mark Berkery
Bench in Pink by Carol Dandrade
Actual Size by Donna Sciandra
Stygian Reflection by Christine Catalano
Cavern Ceiling by Christine Catalano
Vines and Wall by Dennis Smith
Thistle by Carol Dandrade
Balcony Doors by Ophelia Sikes
Smart by Ann Waller
Learning to Swim by Sandra Staas
Old Blue Eyes by Donna Sciandra
Colorful Cavern by Christine Catalano
Dawning Tide by Elizabeth Daigle
Balcony by Ophelia Sikes
San Juan Musician by Ann Waller
San Juan Colors by Ann Waller
The Rising Tide by Elizabeth Daigle
Winding Way by Christine Catalano
Cavern Wall Detail by Christine Catalano
Circling by Carol Dandrade
Surge by Carol Dandrade
Daffodil by Lisa Shea
Daffodil by Lisa Shea
Shaw Farm by Lisa Shea
Blackstone Canal by Bob See
Puffin Resting by Bob See
Puffin Flock by Bob See
Middle East in Puerto Rico by Ann Waller
Turbut's Creek by Carol Frieswick
Masque of the Red Death by Eva Kendrick
Seer by Deb Bonam
Waiting For A Rebirth Of Wonder
by Andrew R. Sciandra
Cage by Andrew R. Sciandra
Satellite Serenade by Paulo Guimaraes
Puffin Hole by Bob See
Gears Cyanotype by Lisa Shea
Worcester City Hall by Lisa Shea
Watching by Ann Waller
Chapel - San Juan, Puerto Rico by Ophelia Sikes
Sunset by Ann Waller


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