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Early Summer

James G. Piatt

Early summer arrived dancing like a Prima
Donna, like a fairy prancing atop gaudy pastel
Colored flowers, like sweet aromas emitted
From roses and lilacs in colorful translucent
Vases throughout a room, like a balmy memory
Awakening from the coolness of a rainy spring:

Early summer arrived wearing springís vibrant
Colors, and the odors of earth frolicking
Through flowered meadows where verdant
Channels had been carved for streams to flow.
Beams of the summer sun warm the riverís
Flowing skin, and its moisture welcomes weary
Hikers. Strident voices of woodpeckers awaken
The reeds that were sleeping along the sides
Of streams during the cold winter, and
Nourished into being during spring rains.

Early summer arrived causing life to become
Abundant. Summer, a mysterious time when
The sun covers the meadows with a gleaming
Apricot colored hue In the early morn, is a
Special time when a man can stop for a short
Time to gather his breath and warm his spirit
From the intense toiling of winter, and the hard
Rains of spring.

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