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Nature's Balm

James G. Piatt

I love to journey into a verdant forest where
Man has not abused the earth, where colors of
Wild flowers are still vibrant, and truth is found
On the surface of the soil. I love to find a place
Where troubles cannot find me; a place where
I can sit silently on a granite boulder with my
Bare feet touching the water in a soft flowing
Stream, where my eyes can see dark green
Moss and light green fern under giant
Sycamore, Pine and Redwood trees. I love to
Walk on paths strewn with soft bark and listen
To downy birds warbling their summer tunes as
The last remaining morning dew glistens on
Fallen trees covered with colorful twisting
Vines. I Love to listen to the wind singing
Through giant trees far above my head, and
The echoing of falling water far in the distance.

I love to drift slowly through the diaphanous
Haze as it seeps up from the moss-covered
Earth as soft beams of light seep through gaps
In the forestís Canopy, like bright yellow
Cobwebs. I love to sit on a granite ridge
Looking down to a fertile valley below where
Rainbows slowly vanish into the pale yellow
Mist of the summer day. Beautiful visions that
Cover my anguish float freely in the stunning
Silence of the forest, creating new memories,
Which someday will soothe my weary soul.

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