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Upset Parrot by Maurice Schulman

Table of Contents


A Drift Toward Midnight by Clem M. Bascar
Alone And Real by Ben Nardolilli
An Early Gift by Jody Zolli
Autumnal Blanket by Stacey Dye
Bustier by Jaguarita
Cast Off The Man - tra by Jessica F. Smith
Changed by Genevieve Fitzgerald
Cinquain Poem by Sandra Staas
Cosmosis by Joaquin Carvel
Dazzled by Elizabeth Grant
Granny Squares by Stephanie Arwen Lynch
Gypsy Fantasy by Stacey Dye
Her Kisses by John Tzikas
Honor Roll by John Tzikas
I Rote, I Learnt? by Pravin Nair
Imaginary Friend by Christine Catalano
In The Mist by Lisa Hodges
Itīs Now Or Never by Joanne Cucinello
Josephīs Story by Anne Dailey
Joy by Lynn Pinkerton
Leaving For Work by Elizabeth Grant
Lettaīs Backyard by Robert Spiegel
Little Mustangs Among Older Friends by KJ Hannah Greenberg
Main Street Lullaby by Leslie E. Hoffman
Memories Of Papua by Erwin Fernandez
Mojave Palette by Leslie E. Hoffman
Mosaic by Lisa Hodges
My Snowman by Gregory A. Kompes
No Shortcuts by Jackie Joice
Of Cats And Octopi by Stephanie Arwen Lynch
Old Valentines by George W. Baker
Paradise Lost by Brigitte Goetze
Paused Before Vastness, Daunted by Genevieve Fitzgerald
Quiet Mosaic Circle by Sara Basrai
Root Woman (For Sunshine) by Jackie Joice
Senses by Karen Levy
Sickelle by Joaquin Carvel
Size by Jessica F. Smith
Solstice Lament by Anne Dailey
Some Girl by Charity C. Tran
The Death Of A Chinese Widow by Changming Yuan
The Virtuoso by George W. Baker
Then And Now by Lynn Pinkerton
Union by Stephanie Arwen Lynch
Waiting by Carl Palmer
Walk With Me Through The Rain by Yinka Ekundayo
Warning by Karen Levy
Watermelon Sweet by Jaguarita
Wearing My Dead Motherīs Clothes by Jane Butkin Wagner
White Percale by Leslie E. Hoffman


A Christmas Alone by Pat Tyrer
Americans by Karen Levy
How Low Can I Go? by Coral Kelly McCree
I Lost My Hair and Found Whatīs Really Important
by Francine L. Baldwin-Billingslea
What Is Between Us by Jessica Housand-Weaver


A Death Foretold by Bhavika Sicka
A Meeting with Myrna Byrd by Holly Van Leuven
Fed Up by Ingela Richardson
Paintersī Club by Genevieve Fitzgerald
Parchment by Jane Butkin Wagner
Rendezvous Lake by Lynn Pinkerton
Stopping to Smell the Roses by Kat Kiddles
The Edge of Night by Ann McDermott
The Pink Party Dress by Ingela Richardson
Worlds Apart by Heather Parker


Borders by Mallory Alexa Leonard


Denise Mancuso in her own words
Ann Waller in her own words

Art and Photography

Upset Parrot by Maurice Schulman
Enslaved to Instinct by Mark Berkery
Damaged Butterfly by Mark Berkery
Singular Yellow by Mark Berkery
Winter Birdbath by Bob See
Chinese Merchant by Ann Waller
Maple Manta Ray by Bob See
Lacewing Elegance by Mark Berkery
Just a Gorgeous Lady by Leslie Tribolet
Imaginary Friend by Christine Catalano
Fairy Door by Kim Kenney
KitKat by Kim Kenney
Strange Fruit by Helen I. Turner
Funtimes Concession Stand by Helen I. Turner
Sunlit Coconuts by Ida Mickle
Plasticized by Lisa Shea
Green Frogs by Lisa Shea
Sea Urchin Ornament by Beth Weiner
Pink Sea Urchin Ornament by Beth Weiner
Absorbing by Lisa Shea
Dragonfly Outline by Maurice Schulman
Love Birds by Katherine J. Ward
King of Flies - Robber of Life by Mark Berkery
Northern Solstice by Christine Catalano
George Ranch Pasture by Ashton Christie
Teton Winter by Tammy Winand
Through the Eye of a Needle by Sandra Staas
Eighth Light On The Right by Teresa Ann Frazee
Prayer by Melissa Lamkin
Facing the Sun by Donna Sciandra
Forlorn Turtle by Maurice Schulman
Great Wall View by Ann Waller
Glowing Chinese Grapes by Ann Waller
Gazing Ball by Lisa Shea
Regrowth by Lisa Shea
Stone Wall by Bob See
Wisconsin Pineapple by Donna Sciandra
South Dakota Lunch by Donna Sciandra


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