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Gentle Face by Christine Catalano

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What You Are Saying
Flower - A beautiful photograph of a fuchsia flower. Reminds me of my mumís garden! ~Allyson

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse - Stunning, rich colors and great use of lines to draw the eye into the image. ~Jane

Still Lost - Amazing story. So heartbreaking in its restraint, economy of words, and emotion. I really related to that caring of the narrator and her position away isolated and unwanted. Lovely story ~rfk

That Fat Girl From Atlanta - Very inspiring story. Love the twist of twins reuniting. ~Charles

West Africa: A Love Story - A powerful story that provides an important message - one we should all listen to. ~Robert

Stopping My Alarm on a Monday Morning - I envisioned her in bed annoyed, not wanting to work, thinking ill of the alarm, such a jerk , she painted a common picture, loved the scripture. All kidding aside, a lovely poem she did write . ~Karen

Hurricane Season - Absolutely gorgeous poetry - the images, the rhythm, the rolling nature of the lines. ~Lisa

Normal - Beate, you are a STRONG VOICE for all women. I love you!!! ~Kim

Train Ride To The Past - Lovely. I rolled with you through the hills. ~Natalia