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Gentle Face by Christine Catalano

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


A Girl in Love with Silence by Linda M. Crate
A Thief of Scent by Lee Evans
Age by Jake Isaacson
Angel Hair by Shawn Aveningo
As the Snow Falls by Deborah Guzzi
At the Feed Store by Marilyn J. Baszczynski
Caribou by A.J. Huffman
Carmen's Parrot by Art Heifetz
Cathedrale St-Sauveur, Aix en Provence, France
by Deborah Guzzi
Classic Turner Upon Visiting the Getty Turner Exhibit
by Linda Golden
Closing the Past by James G. Piatt
Cover-up at Dawn by Patricia Williams
Dolly the Llama by Shanley Wells-Rau
Dragonfly by Art Heifetz
Dry Heat by Teresa Ann Frazee
Eighteen Again by Art Heifetz
Encounter by Jared Carter
Exiled by Patricia Williams
First Snow by Marilyn J Baszczynski
Fly Paper, Metaphorically by Lee Evans
From Whence It Came by Scott Thomas Outlar
Frosting by A.J. Huffman
Girl Left Behind by Linda Golden
Happy Thanksgiving by Ruth Z. Deming
Inheriting the Earth by Scott Thomas Outlar
Its Soothing Gift by Shawn Aveningo
Letting Go by Teresa Ann Frazee
Memory Foam by Danielle Trent
Natives by Shanley Wells-Rau
Not My Poem by Faith Paulsen
Ode To A Swing by Linda Golden
Open for Business by Scott Thomas Outlar
Open Wide by Faith Paulsen
Pick Ups from the Playground by Tempest Brew
Poverty by Susan P. Blevins
Rite of Passage by Richard Schnap
Ruthless Living Rooms by Edga West
Setauket Harbor by Joanne Cucinello
Snow Flakes by Marchell Dyon
The Abandoned Doll by James G. Piatt
The Baltimore Field Of Dreams by Erren Geraud Kelly
The Coin Of Decision by Joann Grisetti
The Colors of Velvet by Sarah Henry
The Four Faces of Wind by Misky Braendeholm
The Late Riser's Complaint by Harry Craft
The Obedient Plant (physostegia virginiana)
by Lee Evans
The Poet of the Future by Sarah Henry
The Problem by Billy Manas
The Roost by Marchell Dyon
Wind by Sharon A. Larsen
Winter Hope by Linda Barrett
Winter Moon by Marchell Dyon
Winter Sunrise by Brenda Kay Ledford
Without Farewell by Leonard Gorski
Won't Do by Tempest Brew
Word Photograph by Billy Manas
Yggdrasil by Jared Carter


A Dirty Martini of an Evening by Susan P. Blevins
Ellen by Allison Sobczak
First Day by Joseph JP Johnson
Bicycle by Cindy Lam
Making Memories by Vanessa Horn
Off Season by Patty Somlo
Prey Versus Predator by Jan Charone-Sossin
Saving Sammie's Baby by Bobbie Groth
The Dragon Diary by Mandi S. Lockley
The Gold Necklace by Pauline Saull
The Rain by Suzie Marfell Myers


Ashes to Ashes by Susan P. Blevins
Escaping Lake Limbo by Maria S. Cuasay
Friday Night at Grandad's by Marion Sharville
Love Messages by Vivian W. Newkirk
Play Iranian Style by Manijeh Badiozamani
There's a Bear in My Garden by Susan P. Blevins

Art and Photography

Gentle Face by Christine Catalano
West African Crowned Crane by Bob See
Fruit Fly 5 by Mark Berkerey
Fruit Fly 3 by Mark Berkerey
Fruit Fly 4 by Mark Berkerey
Fruit Fly 1 by Mark Berkerey
Fruit Fly 2 by Mark Berkerey
Silver Forest by Christine Catalano
Great Spangled Fritillary Butterfly by Bob See
Rhode Island Sunset by Lisa Shea
Last Apple On The Tree by Bob Evans
Claw Foot by Bob Evans
Sutton Gazebo by Bob See
Ocean Beach Village Hall by Christine Catalano
A Stark Reminder by Kara Emily Krantz
Blacksmith by Ophelia Sikes
King Richard's by Ophelia Sikes
Paris by Anne Diamond McNevin
Tiny Dancer by Bob Evans
Prophetic Dreams by Teresa Ann Frazee
Moonrise by Bob See
Red Barn by Carol Frieswick
Pixelstick Mask by Lisa Shea
Shadows by Michael Zeis
Last Roundup by Christine Catalano
African Elephant by Bob See
King Richard's by Ophelia Sikes
King Richard's by Ophelia Sikes
Redscale Clouds by Lisa Shea
King Richard's by Ophelia Sikes
Winter Walk by Kara Emily Krantz
Dry Heat by Teresa Ann Frazee
Quiet Corner View by Carol Frieswick
Pixelstick Ribbon by Lisa Shea
Parachute Jump by Michael Zeis
Autumn Scene by Christine Catalano
Whatever Awaits by Teresa Ann Frazee
Fractal Blue by Teresa Ann Frazee
Redscale Clouds by Lisa Shea
A Face in the Mirror by Anne Diamond McNevin
Nantucket Pantry by Anne Diamond McNevin


What You Are Saying
Letter to Our Readers

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