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Gentle Face by Christine Catalano

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Jake Isaacson

I know you must be only 5
Because when you´re excited
You make tight fists, and stamp your feet
Your face is so delighted.

But then perhaps you´re really 10
Because you are so fun
Giggles, laughter, acting silly
Brings joy to everyone.

And yet, it seems you´re 20
For your love is unrestrained
You care for everyone you meet
You cannot be contained.

Some would say you´re 60
Though your looks do not appear
You have wisdom and such kindness
The experience of years

The woman is my confidante
A deeply trusted friend
The youth a kindred spirit
On whom I can depend

The child makes me laugh
Every day´s a sunny day
Such fun to ask the 5 year old
"Can you come out and play?"