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As the Snow Falls

Deborah Guzzi

How pleasant to be cocooned inside as the snow falls softly,
content with love’s tokens not gained by pride as the snow falls softly.

Little things, which bring great joy, the purr of a pet so dear,
who seeks the comfort of your lap wide-eyed as the snow falls softly.

The muffled sounds the white damps down—tames the shush of slush outside;
the gentle weight of an inch of snow on a branch applied as the snow falls softly.

The hum of the furnace strikes a chord—intones, the pulse of a peaceful heart,
the tap-click of keys sing as bold images abide as the snow falls softly.

I stare from the window at the glacé that winter brings, the silence, the cover,
and pray such serenity as this will never be denied as the snow falls softly.