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Fly Paper, Metaphorically

Lee Evans

“For art not thou
A man like me,
And am I not
A fly like thee?”

--William Blake

I brought my poems into your bookstore,
But didn’t know there was a secret code
Of manners in the game you’d have me play:
Monopoly. So I did not pass Go,
And walked away without two hundred bucks.
You blew me off as though I were a fly
Disquieting Le Dejeuner sur l´Herbe.
Though they who have the gold can make the rules,
The men of vision understand a Fly
To be not necessarily the pest
That it may seem, but Human through and through—
A golden Fly! You should have swatted me
When I was in your range. You’ve lost the chance,
Now that I’ve buzzed off from your demesne.