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Gentle Face by Christine Catalano

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The Problem

Billy Manas

One of the biggest problems of being a junkie is that you will never be
Robert Frost stopping in the woods on a snowy eve
Soaking in that frigid warm serenity with miles to go
Before you can sleep
No you can never be the loveable curmudgeon when
You are the caged rat searching for a fix; thinking ībout your fix; planning out your fix.
And while it may include walking through the snow
You are not experiencing it as Robert Frost had
It is snot and it is shiver; it is fever, it is tears
Until it is not
Until it is euphoria
But just for a minute. But itīs a fabulous minute.
You take a second to ponder the dichotomy of nodding to "Family Affair"
But just for a minute.
Because thereīs serious business to consider
The next one
I can see if I can borrow $10 and then see if she wants one
I can tap it or cut it and magically appear
With Buffy and Jody and nodding again
Is it Wednesday or Tuesday or December or March?
Or 2010 or ī96?
But just for a minute
A fabulous minute
Until it is not