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Why Knit Shawls?
Many beautiful shawl patterns are currently flooding the pattern magazines, and they all look so tempting. Are you afraid to knit one? Here are some reasons why you should!

Darn Good Yarn
Looking for Earth-friendly materials? Darn Good Yarn is a great company.

I Can't Get Gauge!
That most revolting of all developments - how can you make the sweater if you can't match the given instructions?

Feather Rib Socks
Here's a simple and free sock pattern that will make your feet dance!

The Short Row Sock Heel
Do you have a skein of sock yarn that seems to fight every pattern? Or are you simply in the mood to improvise? Once you learn how to short-row a heel, you’re all set.

Yarns at the Adobe
Next time you're in San Luis Obispo, wander across the street from the mission and check out a Local Yarn Store treasure!

Hombres Tejedores
In Santiago, Chile, knitting in public is an act of rebellion when done by men wearing suits.

Vogue Knitting Book Review
It's BIG. Man, is it big. Depending on who you are, this may or not be a problem.

60 Quick Knits for Beginners Review
The latest entry in the 60 Quick Knit series showcases basic knits with maximum punch. Advanced knitters will appreciate this collection as well as beginners.

Reversible Cabled Scarf Recipe
Scarves are both functional and fashionable, and make great projects when you’re looking for something to knit on the fly. This one riffs on cables and twists.

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