Mona Evans

The magnificent rings of Saturn are one of the most beautiful sights of the Solar System. But Saturn isn't alone in having rings. There are rings circling all the giant planets, a dwarf planet and an asteroid. Mars may have ringed in the past, and for a time, and even the ancient Earth had a ring.

Camille Gizzarelli

Traditional sculpture may be the most recognized in 3D art. Contemporary artists Hollowell and Perucchetti use abstraction to produce work that is intrinsically 'personal'. I will discuss their solo shows.

Connie Mistler Davidson

Support students in reading quality fiction that allows them to see how other people live. This helps readers to identify with them and to develop empathy. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, by Mildred D. Taylor is an excellent choice to accomplish this.

Dr. Patricia Pedraza-Nafziger

As an online instructor, you are faced with the challenge of providing education to students who may come from a variety of age groups and cultures. Selecting the best teaching techniques to employ in such an environment demands an understanding of how individuals learn.

Nicole Amos

Choosing a dissertation topic can be overwhelming, especially when you do not yet know what you are interested in or you are interested in many topics and are having trouble narrowing them down. Let’s look at three steps to help you get started.

Kim Kenney

There are personality types who are more likely to visit museums. There are also people who will NEVER visit a museum. What do you know about these groups?

Amy Tradewell

Subitizing is being able to automatically identify the quantity of a set of objects without actually counting the objects. This is a very important skill in terms of number sense.