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Adapting Knitting Patterns
Knitters are an intelligent and resourceful lot, and it’s possible to re-size most patterns. A number of different techniques can be used to do this; here are a few of them.

Sixty More Quick Baby Blankets Review
Looking for afghan patterns? The name of this tome is somewhat misleading; many of these projects can be resized for a number of uses.

Using a Lifeline
Knowing how to use a lifeline is an essential skill for many kinds of intricate knitting. It's not difficult, and will prevent many a nightmare.

Queen Alysanne Scarf
Here's a free pattern for a quick knit, three season lace scarf. It's easy enough for beginners, but looks like an heirloom piece.

Sanquhar Knitting Patterns
Sean Connery would definitely approve if you decided to knit a pair of gloves using one of these historic patterns!

The Knitter's Desert Island Bookshelf
It's almost impossible to choose just five books out of all the amazing tomes published on the subject! With that said, here are two essential books for newbies and three more for intermediate and advanced knitters.

Knitting With Plant Yarns
Warm-weather knitters will be interested in working with plant-based fibers, as they are cooler. However, they can be difficult to use! Here are some troubleshooting ideas.

Creating a Swatch Notebook
If you make swatches, don't throw them away. Create a record of your knitting process that you can use for future projects!

Using Up Leftover Yarn
No money for yarn shopping? Go through your stash and see what you already have! Here's how to create a project from leftover yarn!

Binky Patrol
Whether you're a single knitter or part of a group looking to give service, Binky Patrol can use your help!

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