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How To Find A Food Bank
Discover how to find the food banks and pantries in your community. A food box can help stretch your budget, increase your nutrition options, and decrease your stress on how to get by in tough times.

CVS Drugstore Frugal Shopping Basics
Secrets to using your local CVS drugstore to shop frugally and even for free. There is a learning curve to this, but once you have the procedure down you will be rolling in the Extra Bucks.

Ten Ways to Re-Use and Re-cycle Plastic Bags
Learn ten easy and smart ways to reuse those plastic grocery bags before recycling them for good.

USB Hand Warmer Computer Gloves - Review
Warm, cozy, fingerless gloves that run off USB power. This pair has an image of Pooh Bear on them, even though they are for adults. Low watt USB heating devices save you money! This is a part of the low-watt heat bubble warming system I am working on.

Get Free Beauty Samples
How to get free beauty samples in the stores and online.

Five Frugal Car Cooling Tips
Position your car properly to keep it cool when parked, and reduce your gas bill.

Ten Easy Ways to Keep Cool Without AC
Here are some basic concepts to help you lower summer cooling costs by putting off the massive energy usage of your air conditioner for as long as possible.

Categories of Household Water
Learn about the definitions of fresh water, clear water, grey water and black water. How should each water category be used? Can reusing this water save us money?

Converting to Solar - Small Scale Case Study
In my quest to move to solar energy, I calculated my home's constant and sporadic energy needs, and the most frugal way to get a small solar system up and running by myself.

Build a Stylish Frugal Wardrobe
How to find and maintain an inexpensive wardrobe of clothes that work for you!

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