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Cancel Your Utilities - the Basics
Are there things you pay for each month that are not actually necessary? Depending on how frugal you need to be, there are plenty of things that can be worked around.

Save on Gas for your Car
Here are some ways to beat high gasoline prices. Get the most mileage for your money, using your head, instead of your wallet.

Salvage Yard Shopping Tips
How to shop for inexpensive, useful and decorative items at salvage yards. It's fun and almost free.

Cheap Gifts from Origami - DVD Review
Learn to make heartfelt gifts from origami paper (and even cash money) with this simple, easy to follow instructional DVD.

How to Buy Used Blankets
Best ways to hunt for and find gorgeous, high-end used linens at thrift stores and garage sales.

Eliminate your Trash Bill
You can reduce the amount of trash your household generates and eliminate an entire monthly utility bill. Here's how.

Free Rosemary - Foraging and Uses
Rosemary is one of the easiest spices to acquire for free, since it is used so widely in home, corporate and city landscaping. In some places, it grows wild. Rosemary is a sturdy plant in the mint family that makes solid, fragrant bushes, stays green all year, and grows almost anywhere. How to find

Subscribe to the Frugal Living Newsletter
How to subscribe to the free Frugal Living newsletter, and what you can expect.

Free Garden Grounds at Starbucks
Improve your soil for free, using spent Starbucks coffee grounds. Add to your garden via mulch or compost, or add directly to plant soil.

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