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Wedding Traditions in Germany
May is "THE" month to marry in Germany, and the country's different regions have many of their own, often "eccentric", wedding customs. Traditions often begin weeks before the wedding, with the festivities lasting for days.

German Museums ? The Potato and Medieval Crime.
The Potato Museum and The Medieval Crime Museum are two of many unusual museums in Germany's huge, and comprehensive, museum collection, covering everything from classical antiquities and priceless treasures, chocolate, ships and composers Bach through Wagner, to Zeppelins.

Maibowle, Woodruff Punch A German Spring Favorite
Sweet Woodruff is the scent of early summer, and added to White Wine it becomes May Punch, Maibowle. A brief season but it's a favorite drink in Germany, and traditional addition to all the festivities and customs that belong to early spring and the first warm days and evenings of summer.

White Asparagus Season in Germany - Spargelzeit
It is like a brief, intense, "madness" that sweeps through Germany. Spargelzeit...springtime's White Asparagus season. The first, and delicious, symbol of spring, its season begins around mid-April and ends on June 24. Feast day of St. John the Baptist.

Cologne Chocolate Museum
A date for chocolate lovers. It looks like a ship moored on the River Rhine but it's Cologne's Chocolate Museum, the world's largest. An invitation to discover the world of chocolate, from the cocoa bean to the famous Easter rabbits, and three thousand years of chocolate history.

Walpurgisnacht, Maibaum and May Day in Germany
May enters with some weird and wonderful traditions in many regions of Germany, and the fun and games begin with Walpurgisnacht, when "Witches" join the festivities late on April 30. "Tanz in den Mai", dancing the night away until maypoles and day-drinking welcome May and Spring.

German Beer, Fast Facts
It is a food in Bavaria, "flüssiges Brot/liquid bread", has its own day "Tag des Deutschen Bieres", and don't forget to raise one thumb when ordering. Fun facts you probably don't know about German beer.

Obatzda, a Bavarian cheese speciality, Recipes
Obatzda is a menu staple in almost every Bavarian Beer Garden. A spicy mixture of different cheeses, flavored with paprika whatever additional ingredients are included, it's a Bavarian specialty favorite really worth trying.

Spring in Germany
Fruehling, Spring in Germany. It might be windy, even cold, but tables and chairs appear outside Cafe's and Beer Gardens, Festivals, Cultural Events, Flowers, outdoor Sports and age old springtime traditions take over the country. All it needs are those first signs of Spring.

Knut, a Sad End for Berlin Zoo's Star Polar Bear
Knut, Berlin Zoo's celebrated and charismatic young polar bear, and Leonardo DiCaprio's one time Vanity Fair cover companion, beat the odds to survive after his birth in December 2006, but died at the age of only four years, very young for an ice bear. And especially one in captivity.

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