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Germany's Castle Road
Germany has more than 5,000 castles, many part of the Castle Road theme route. Running for 745 miles through stunning landscapes, valleys, forests and rivers,and filled with legacies of the past. Medieval towns, villages, castles, castles and more castles.

Gardening by the Moon in Germany
Often thought of as a New Age trend or old superstition Moon Gardening is science based, with evidence suggesting a connection between the sky's energy and that of earth. In Germany the system has been followed for generations with 'Moon Gardening' calendars a big hit as Christmas gifts.

Summer Solstice and Midsummer Magic in Germany
Many Summer Solstice and Midsummer Eve festivities in German speaking countries were mystic Pagan and pre-Christian festivals, symbolic of renewal, fertility and harvest,and fire still plays a major role in celebrating sun and light's triumph over cold and darkness.

Rumtopf, Fruit and Rum Pot, Recipe
Rumtopf, for centuries a delicious way of preserving summer fruit. Beginning in early summer, with strawberries, cherries and rum of course, fruit is added as it comes into season until early autumn to make a taste of summer in winter. Easy to make, hard to mess up and so good...

Pentecost Traditions in Today's Germany
The Christian festival that began with Palm Sunday and Easter ends with Pentecost. A mix of secular, religious and pre-Christian traditions in German speaking regions, from devotional processions and services to decorated oxen, villagers wearing birch branches and "Wickedness Night".

Father's Day in Germany
German Father's Day can be a bit of a surprise. Held on Ascension Day, so changing each year, the variable date is not the only difference from "Father's Day" in other countries. Consumption of alcohol, and ending the day intoxicated, are major features of the celebration.

German Inventions Used, or Enjoyed, Every Day
Invented in Germany...Many 'necessities' now found in homes across the world, coffee filters and toothpaste for example, were not created in Germany's laboratories but in the country's kitchens, attics and workshops.

German American Heritage
German immigrants to the USA made a huge contribution to its culture, economy and technology. From introducing Santa Claus, founding breweries, popularizing ketchup, producing Presidents to establishing banking, industrial and philanthropic dynasties and designing the Brooklyn Bridge.

The German American Experience
Perhaps because German Americans stem from a mixed community, which settled in the USA over a wide span of time, they assimilated quickly into their new homeland. Using their skills, discipline and different talents, household names or unknown, they had an enormous influence on American society.

German Wedding Traditions
May is the most popular month to marry in Germany, and the country's different regions have many of their own, often "eccentric", wedding customs. Traditions begin weeks before a wedding takes place, and then the festivities can last for days.

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