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Herbs and Natural Medicine in Germany
A cough? Then out come onions, garlic and honey. Arthritis? Then...chili. For centuries herbs, plants, and vegetables have been used in German speaking countries as folk medicine and effective remedies. In combination with conventional equivalents, natural medicine is as relevant today as ever.

German Carnival, Fasching, Fastnacht & Co.
Karneval, Fastnacht, Fasching, Germany's Mardi Gras. Different regions, different names and traditions as "The Fifth and Foolish Season" takes over city streets, with "Crazy, Zany, Küsschen, Kater und Krapfen". Not enjoyed by everyone, so Karnevalsmuffel, Carnival Grouchers, head for the hills.

Carnival Jelly Donut, a Faschingskrapfen Recipe
A festival is not a festival in Germany unless traditional food is involved , and for Karneval, Mardi Gras, that is Faschingskrapfen, Carnival Jelly Donuts. Its story and recipe for those Berliner, Pfannkuchen, Fastnachtskrapfen - same thing, different names depending on the region.

International Green Week in Berlin
The January "International Green Week" in Berlin is the biggest fair for food, agriculture and horticulture in the world. Held for over 80 years, it is a "one-of-kind" culinary tour of the globe that has not only kept in step with the times, but pointed to the future.

Groundhog Day, Hedgehogs and Candlemas
Groundhog Day, a million dollar industry with Punxsutawney Phil the "forecasting" groundhog and his friends, its origins a mixture of ancient European and German "Hedgehog" folklore, the Christian festival Candlemas, seasonal weather, and pagan traditions surrounding February 2.

Bavaria, Germany, A Winter Wonderland
Enjoying winter months is a way of life in Bavaria. Breathtaking mountain scenery, snow covered forests, castles, palaces, abbeys and ski slopes, mix with culture, shopping streets and a regional cuisine that keeps the cold out and warmth in.

Kaiserschmarrn and Caramelized Apples Recipe
Chopped pancakes with fruit for Breakfast, Lunch or Dessert, at Oktoberfest or in a bar. It might not be what Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria's chef had in mind when he invented Kaiserschmarrn, "Emperor's Mess", but a century later it is a favorite throughout Bavaria and Austria.

Germany's National Anthem
Austrian composer Joseph Haydn created a melody as a hymn to God for an Austrian Emperor. With different lyrics, written by a German poet, it became Germany's national anthem, and for a time this beautiful music was associated with a dark period in the country's past.

Beef Rouladen, German Beef Roll-Ups Recipe
Rinderrouladen, "Beef Rouladen", or even "Roll-Em-Ups", thin slices of beef rolled up around a seasoned onion and bacon filling, in a wine sauce. Once saved for celebrations or Sundays, now the delicious German classic is a popular "every day" dinner choice during the cold weather season.

Denglisch, Germany's Mix of Deutsche and English
Let's talk about Denglish. Mother-tongue speakers are usually loyal to their national language, and Germany is no exception, but recently Anglicism's have been adopted with an amazing lack of restraint and this has brought about the rise of "Denglisch". Not everyone is thrilled.

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