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Halloween, All Saints and All Souls Day in Germany
It is said German castles have real Ghosts, and Witches, Forest Goddesses of pagan times, have never really gone away, but the centuries old All Saints and All Souls Day traditions are as much a part of the season's culture as ever. Despite recently introduced Halloween with its plastic skeletons.

German Potato Pancakes, Rosti/Reibekuchen Recipe
"Rieberkuchen", a German favorite as a snack or a side, and this is an easy recipe that can also be used for Pumpkin Potato Fritters. Traditional Rieberkuchen adding leftover pumpkin. Or if you simply want a different potato recipe how about trying the Apple Potato Fritter recipe?

Weckmann, A Bread Man Recipe
Is it a Weckmann, a Stutenkerl or Nikolaus? Different names for the "Bread Man" that in German speaking countries no November St. Martin's Day, or December St. Nicholas, would be complete. A traditional sweet yeast dough holiday specialty, here is its story and a recipe.

Easy, Fun and Safe Children's Lanterns
In Germany making and carrying lanterns are a favorite pastime for children, and these safer versions of lamps are fun and easy to make, as well as practical for everything from Summer BBQ's, Halloween, St. Martins and New Year, to those "any occasion will do" celebrations.

St. Martin's Day in Germany, November 11
Candle lit lantern processions, Martinstag, and the Legend of St. Martin. Germany's children bring light and music to a November 11 in Germany, St. Martin's Day. Singing, "Weckmann" enjoyed by an open fire, church services in his honor, and Martinsgans for supper. But who was St. Martin?

Germany's Garden Gnomes, Gartenzwerge
They disappear in the fall, re-appear with spring and spend summer protecting Germany's gardens. Garden gnomes are as much a part of Germany as Bratwurst and Fussball/soccer. Kitsch, folklore, good luck symbols, and for a protector about as far from frightening as it is possible to be.

Friedrich Nietzsche Philosopher, Quotations
German born Friedrich Nietzsche's quotations were written for the 19th century, a completely different world. Described as "One of the most dangerous minds of the 19th Century", his words are often as relevant now as they were then.

Forest Schools, Germany's Waldkindergarten
Nature's preschool for children. Waldkindergärten, Forest Schools. Open air, the natural world and exploration, replace classroom walls whatever the weather. Favorites with children and parents, waiting lists are long for this 19th century system from the man who invented the Kindergarten.

East Berlin, a Pre-Unification Memory
Crossing to East Berlin through Checkpoint Charlie was complicated in pre-unified Germany, especially when carrying two passports. One for a child. A large camera carry bag, loaned out but unknowingly returned with side pockets filled with foreign currency, did not improve the situation.

German Wine and Vineyards
The conquering Romans introduced grapes to Germany, and the ancient hillside vineyard traditions, with annual harvest celebrations, continue. But the German wine industry has changed, it has returned to producing high quality sweet Liebfraumilch is on the way out.

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