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Federweisser, Zwiebelkuchen and Treberwurst
Federweisser looks like grape soda but is young wine with a powerful KICK, and short end of summer season. Its traditional harvest time accompaniments are Zwiebelkuchen and Treberwurst, a rich onion pie and sausages marinated with grapes then fried, and enjoyed at any time of the year.

The Berlin Diaries, 1940-1945, Book Review
Life, revolutions and war changed Marie (Missie) Vassiltchikov?s predestined comfortable and privileged future, from that of a beautiful, spirited "White Russian" princess in Tsarist Russia to aristocratic, but penniless, refugee wandering Europe. Ending in Berlin during WWII.

Green Germany, and a Non Nuclear Future
The plan was that German nuclear power plants were to be phased out by 2021, but the situation changed although not all Germans were in agreement. A nuclear reactor accident in Japan not only restored the status quo, the date for phasing out nuclear power was moved forward.

Germany's Radioactive Wild Boar and Mushrooms
There continue to be radio active wild boars in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, together with an overall population boom in wild boar families. Thanks to the Chernobyl meltdown of 1986 there is another side to some of the residents of Germany's beautiful forests, including radioactive mushrooms.

Ostalgie a Taste of East Germany with Recipes
In communist East Germany meals were planned around what was available that day. Queues were long and legendary and a banana seen on television but rarely in a store. Appetizing healthy food was served nevertheless, so for a "Flash into the Past" here is a taste of East Germany.

Oktoberfest in Munich
It began as a horse race in honor of a royal wedding, in fields outside Munich. More than 200 years later those fields are part of Munich, but Oktoberfest, the world's largest Volksfest, is still a festival of Bavarian exuberance, draft beer, food and tradition.

Germany's Romantic Road. A Journey Through Time
Discover Germany's Romantic Road. It's a spectacular journey, through stunning scenery filled with contrast and historic medieval towns, into a world from the past. Germany’s oldest theme route, showcasing southern German culture from food and wine to art and architecture. And of course history.

Schultüten and the First Day of School
For first graders in Germany their first day of school is a big celebration. Accompanied by their whole family for welcoming speeches, songs, photo calls, then Schultüte/School Cone held close it's time for their new "Lebensphase" to begin. With link to DIY instructions for your own Schultüte.

LEO German English Online Dictionary
You need a German English Dictionary “right now” but there isn’t one around, or perhaps you would like an resource for future reference. LEO Deutsch-Englisch Online Wörtenbuch offers that and much more, including a great many interesting, and informative, “Germany and German life” links to explore.

Rabbit A La Berlin, Life After The Wall Came Down
Its original title was Mauerhase - Hare That Lives by a Wall, and Oscar nominated "Rabbit A La Berlin" uses Berlin's death strip rabbits, it was a bunny utopia, to symbolize the end of a totalitarian system, the fall of the wall, end to communism and its consequences. A different perspective.

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