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Birthdays in Germany, the Do's and Don'ts
Birthday celebrations in Germany are "different". Imagine being expected to take everyone out for dinner on your own birthday. And never wish a German Geburtstagkind, Birthday Child, Happy Birthday until the actual day. One minute after midnight yes, but not even a second before.

German Farmer's Breakfast Recipe
A Bauernfrühstück, Farmer's Breakfast, in Germany has many variations but is basically a large hash of potatoes, ham or bacon and onions, which, especially in the colder months, not only makes a delicious and popular addition to a breakfast table but at any time of the day.

Germany's Ceremonial Mountain Cattle Drives
Almabtrieb, ceremonial mountain cattle drives, have been part of farming life in Europe's alpine regions for centuries. Processions of decorated cattle create cow bell symphonies as they walk down the mountains to the valleys, and their winter homes, from a summer spent on alpine pastures.

Chestnut Soup, German Recipe
Chestnuts are among many things that the Romans introduced to "Germania", and during fall and winter they are a favorite for "Food Foraging". Used as a base for many traditional German dishes one of the most popular is Chestnut Soup, with variations that range from simple to the exotic.

Chestnut Jam, German Recipe
Chestnut Jam, Kastanien Konfitur, is a popular seasonal recipe produced in Germany's kitchens from foraged nuts. The Romans brought chestnuts to Germania as they conquered the region, so during fall and winter they are found throughout the country, and the delicious jam is one of many recipes.

German Americans Who Made a Difference
German Americans make up 17 percent of the total US population. It was 1608 when the first immigrants arrived, with those following hoping to improve on the way their life had been "at home", but their work and lives have had an effect not only in America but worldwide.

The Day of German Unity
German Unity Day - Tag der Deutschen Einheit, commemorates October 3, 1990, the day the German Democratic Republic became part of the Federal Republic of Germany. Following the first peaceful revolution in history. From 1949 to 1989 there had been two Germanys, East and West. A look back...

German Gingerbread Spice Recipe
German Gingerbread Spice, Lebkuchengewürze, is one of those store cupboard staples that can be used throughout the year. For everything from flavoring pumpkin pie, hot chocolate or yogurt with apple, to the gingerbread for those Christmas witches cottages and cookies, and of course hearts.

Oktoberfest Hearts - Gingerbread Cookie Hearts
Lebkuchen Hearts can be found at most spring and summer festivals, as well as Weihnachtsmärkte, but at Munich's Oktoberfest the mottoes on many heart shaped gingerbread cookies are in Bairisch, dialect. Traditions, mottoes and translations for those unmissable accompaniments to Oktoberfest beer.

Oktoberfest in Munich – Fun Facts
Some fun facts you didn't know about Oktoberfest...

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