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Germany's House Cleaning Culture
"Putz anfallen", show no sign of ending. Those "cleaning attacks", necessary or not, day or night and at any time of year, although even more so in spring. An "enjoyable", even compulsive, pastime in the German speaking world...but with rules and traditions of course.

Black Elderberry Syrup Recipe
Elderberry syrup is an "all rounder". Fun to forage, harvest and easily made in the fall it is a great 'mixer' for summer and winter drinks, delicious with savory and sweet dishes, and in Germany a popular natural remedy for all types of ailments.

Germany's Unique Theme Routes
Ever since the Romans swept in with their Asparagus, Chestnuts and Baths, the German speaking lands have been a playground, not just a battlefield. And the "Theme Routes" crisscrossing the country show its amazing legacy from nature and history, and its diversity from wine and cheese to asparagus.

Make A First Grader's Schultüte, School Cone
First graders in Germany are lucky, their first day at grade school begins with large, colorful, gift and candy filled School Cones. A custom that began in the early 19th century, Schultüten are as popular as ever, and could be a fun idea and new tradition for your own family and friends.

HARIBO Gummi Bears, Germany's Cult Candy
Gummy Bears began life in 1922, as fruit gummi Dancing Bears in a small German confectionery company; based on dancing bears and a Teddy Bear. Today they are a cult candy, and not only for children but also "grown-ups", used for couture dresses, party "Hedgehogs" and Vodka cocktails.

Munich Olympics 1972, From Dream to Terror
The dream that was broken. Munich's 1972 Summer Olympic Games, scene of the Munich Massacre. Its Olympic Park a revolutionary, pioneering design. Sweeping acrylic glass canopies symbolized a new democratic, transparent, optimistic Germany, their shape a panoramic view of the Bavarian Alps.

Fashionista Chic Behind The Berlin Wall
Fashion and politics were inseparable in East Germany, with its "one style fits all" mentality. But a sewing machine and Sibylle, a culture and fashion magazine supplying dreams and patterns, gave individuality free rein. Brilliant photography, liberated fashion, and somehow it avoided censorship.

Punch & Co., German Summer Drink Recipes
Summer in a glass. Cool beverages for hot days...from all types of Frucht Bowle and Radler, to Apfelschorle and Cola-Schoppen. "Erfrischend" (refreshing), that little bit different, and ideal for sunless and sun filled summer days. There is something to suit everyone.

Vanilla Sauce, a German Recipe
Vanilla Sauce flavored with vanilla, beans or extract, is a favorite all over Europe. Sometimes known as "Crème Anglais", and served warm or cold, it is used to accompany everything from fruit to cakes, as well as a base or filling for all types of desserts baked goods.

Rote Grütze, Germany's Fruit Dessert Recipe
Rote Grütze with summer berries is one of Germany's most popular desserts. Light, refreshing, easy to make and for centuries "every day" Hausmannskost, home cooking, in northern Germany, it is a "fruit salad with a difference", and a menu favorite even in upscale restaurants.

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