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Schnitzels and Their Sauces Recipes
Breaded meat cutlets in Germany are "Schnitzels", and traditional German Schnitzels are not only easy to make, they have sauces or variations named after everything from Barons and Gypsies to Hunters and Blue Ribbons.

Schnitzel, a Breaded Cutlets Recipe
Its inspiration was an Emperor's love of meat covered with gold leaf, but Schnitzel, thin breaded cutlets, are delicious and easy to make. All the variations, different types of meat, fish, vegetarian alternatives, sauces, are favorite meals throughout the German speaking world.

The 18th century Dutch Quarter in Potsdam
Just outside Berlin's three remaining city gates, and far from the Netherlands-German border, is a "Dutch Quarter". Das Holländische Viertel, an 18th century settlement of 134 Dutch styled homes, built for artisans from Holland and set among the opulent palaces and parks of Potsdam.

German Apple Crumb Cake Recipe
It is a social tradition in Germany. Four o'clock in the afternoon means time for "Kaffee und Kuchen", coffee and cake. One of the most popular cakes to accompany that cup of coffee is Streuselkuchen, a delicious, and easy to make, Fruit Crumble Cake.

Carnival in Cologne, Women's Thursday
Masked Teutons creating chaos to frighten away winter's evil spirits led to Carnival in Germany. Now Karneval Wieber (women) cause havoc on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday. Weiberfastnacht in Rhineland, taking over City Halls and leaving no necktie safe from their jumbo scissors.

Germany's Enchanting Fairy Tale Road
With seven league boots, bicycle or car, Germany's Fairy Tale Road is a fascinating journey in the footsteps of Brothers Grimm. Through medieval villages and unspoiled nature, to a castle filled world of fantasy, sagas and legends, wicked stepmothers and evil witches.

Frederick the Great
Germany celebrated the 300th anniversary of Frederick II of Prussia in 2012. One of the most famous and respected German rulers, both for his military success as a brilliant strategist and for the ground breaking domestic reforms he introduced into his country.

The Brothers Grimm - collectors of fairy tales.
Once upon a time there were two very dissimilar brothers, whose combined talents produced world famous European folk and fairy tales that are anything but sweet and gentle bedtime stories. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.

Cologne Cathedral - Story of a Gothic Masterpiece
It had taken 600 years, but in August 1880 Cologne Cathedral was complete at last. When construction began the city was part of the Holy Roman Empire, it finished in a newly United Germany with Wilhelm I its first Emperor. A stunning building it is one of the country's most important monuments.

German New Year Tradition, Bleigießen
It was a quirky way of telling the future at New Year, melting heavy metal and interpreting the shapes that appeared when dropped in water. Now it is the in every way safer Wachsgießen, casting oracles from scraps of wax. Here is a version to try, with over 100 interpretations for those shapes.

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