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German Hot Potato Salad Recipe
Potato salads have become a favorite throughout Europe but "Warm Potato Salads" originated in Germany, where they have been a popular staple of the country?s cuisine for centuries.

Speculoos, Spread and Spice Mix Recipes
Once a special Christmas cookie, Speculaas and a paste made with the crushed cookies, are year round favorites. Here are recipes for a quick and easy Cookie, the Spread, which is a popular alternative to peanut butter and chocolate spread, and a "Ready To Use" Spice Mix.

Speculaas the Original Biscoff, Recipe
For centuries part of St. Nicholas and Christmas holiday traditions, Speculaas are spiced caramelized cookies found everywhere in Germany, from accompanying that cup of coffee at the hair stylists to pavement cafés. And long before they became known as the less spicy Biscoff Airline Cookie.

North Germany's Friesentorte Recipe
A delicious creamy calorie bomb, and a North and East Friesland specialty. Friesentorte, the "special occasion" Frisian cream cake that accompanies a Friesentee (Frisian Tea) Ceremony on Sundays and celebrations. Or just because you feel like it.

East Friesland and its Tea Culture
Coffee is more popular than beer in Germany, that is except in the country's northwest. Tea is the number one beverage in the windswept coastal marshlands and islands of East Friesland, a blend with its own tea ceremony, and anyone preferring coffee is a Koffjenöös...Coffee Nose.

Germany and its Turkish German Communities
There was no history of immigration in Germany when the first Turkish ‘guest workers’ arrived as cheap labor to fuel the country’s ‘Economic Miracle’. Not expected to stay fifty years later Turkish Germans have powered German industry, settled in its cities and their influence is seen everywhere.

Flammkuchen a German Specialty, Recipe
Flammkuchen is literally "Flaming Cake"; a wafer thin pizza type crust topped by a delicious combination of classic ingredients in a creamy sauce. A year-round German favorite originating in Alsace, a region which has spent much of the last centuries belonging to either France or Germany.

The Modern Car, It All Began With Benz
From a love story the modern automobile was born.Mercedes Benz began as a dream, but Bertha Benz believed in her husband Carl and his vision of a Horseless Carriage. Patented on January 29, 1886, she made the first ever long distance journey with an internal combustion engine powered vehicle.

German and Mark Twain
"The Awful German Language" written by Mark Twain after a stay in "The Land of Poets and Thinkers", describes a language that can be almost as complicated as its reputation. But a sense of humor helped when he tried to learn it, making the process if not easier then at least fun.

Germany's Window Boxes and Balcony Gardens
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, each change of season means makeover time for Germany's flower boxes. Colorful plant filled containers everywhere, on door stoops, window ledges, trailing from apartment balconies, down historic buildings and ancient farmhouse walls. A wonderful sight.

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