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Roasted Pumpkin Soup Recipe
One of the best comfort foods for a frosty evening is a steaming bowl of soup, and Spicy Roasted Pumpkin Soup is a "foodie" favorite in Germany. Colorful, vitamin packed, nutritious, it's ideal for all those chilly autumn and winter days...and delicious.

Munich Oktoberfest - Fast Facts
Albert Einstein worked there as an electrician, an intoxicated dachshund "came to" in Lost and Found, electricity used would give a home for four 52 years of power, and German emigrants have begun versions all over the world...but "Oktoberfest" began in Munich over 200 years ago.

Germany's Cheese Culture - Smile and Say...
From the North Sea to Allg?u, Germany's "Foodie" favorite, Cheese, is produced countrywide everywhere from small mountainside farms to industrial dairies. Hundreds of regional specialties and national varieties range from mild and buttery to spicy, highly flavored and less than fragrant.

Germany, its Neighbors and a New Image
Germany lives in peace and harmony with its neighbors in its central position at the heart of today?s European Union, but this was not always the case. A cross section of Europeans were asked what image modern Germany has in the eyes of its neighbors. There were some interesting results.

The Berlin Wall, Germany Remembers
East Germany began building a wall across Berlin on August 13th 1961, and while it existed the Berlin Wall defined the cold war and division of Europe. November 1989 the exits were opened by government decree, and families who had been separated for decades could be reunited.

German Spätzle Recipes
Spätzle. What are they and how are they served. Documented back as far as the 11th Century, it is a traditional German pasta dish that played an important role in every day diets until potatoes were finally accepted in Germany. Try some popular regional Spätzle favorites.

Spaetzle, German Noodles Recipe
German Spätzle, little egg rich pasta noodles or dumplings, have been one of Southern Germany's "Comfort Foods" for centuries, and have not only spread all over the country but across the world. A treasured memory from home for German emigrants. Short history and authentic recipe.

My Father's Keeper - Book Review
My Father's Keeper: Children of Nazi Leaders - An Intimate History of Damage and Denial: follows the lives of children, many of whom are still alive, their unenviable legacy: being born to senior members of the Third Reich.

Germany's Beer Gardens - Kultur, Tradition & Bier
It wouldn't be summer in Germany without a cold beer enjoyed under a leafy chestnut tree in a beer garden. Originally a way of using shaded areas covering underground beer storage cellars in 19th century Bavaria, visits to a Biergärten soon became a popular pastime.

Steckerlfisch, a Grilled Fish on a Stick Recipe
German Beer Gardens and Oktoberfest would not be the same without "Steckerlfisch". A Bavarian specialty for anyone who likes fish and has hunger pangs, it's a delicious well seasoned grilled fish, complete with head, tail and a stick running through it. And perfect for a BBQ.

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