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Water Changes and Spring Maintenance
Spring is a great time of year to perform annual maintenance on your pond. By getting after your pond early, you'll be assured of a great water garden season for the rest of the year.

Choosing Goldfish for Your Pond
Goldfish come in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes, and degrees of aggressiveness. Highly durable, nearly all of them make great additions to the home pond or water-garden feature.

Adding Fish to Your Watergarden
Adding fish to your watergarden opens up an entirely new source of pleasure--and potential pain--to your gardening routine. Don't be surprised if you quickly come to love each and every one of your new finny friends.

Setting Up an Automated Watering System
Setting up an automated watering system can save you time, energy, frustration, and money. Here's one foolproof way to do it.

Planting Right
Planting new arrivals in your garden should be fun. Here are a few tips to make sure the job goes smoothly.

Border Plants Create that Natural Look
Ponds and water gardens look best when they appear to be "natural." You can help achieve the desired effect through the selective use of border plants.

Floating Water Plants Among the Best
An interesting plant collection, especially FLOATING plants, can do wonders to perk up a pond! Here are some of the best floating plants you can add to your water garden this season.

Marginal Plants Work Wonders for Gardens
Marginal plants help to define and complete the effects of your water garden. They're hardy growers that add both interesting texture and a splash of color to any outdoor setting.

Submerged Plants Are Great Pond Additions
Of all the different types of water plants you can add to your garden, submerged plants are the most useful for improving water quality and extending the health and longevity of your fish.

Recommended Water Garden Plants
If you're looking for some showy water-garden plants, why not consider lilies and lotuses? They range from tropical to hardy and feature a wide range of fragrant, colorful blooms!

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