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Adult Acne Treatments

Adult Acne is more prevalent than one might think. And is a very common problem in ten percent of the adult population. This article covers acne causes and treatments. Many adults continue to think that acne is a problem that is prevalent among teens when all their hormones are raging and out of control. Or that the teens eating patterns cause acne breakouts. This is not necessarily so. Quite a few adults are faced with acne breakouts on their face, neck, back and chest. These adults actively searching for an acne cure know that acne is not just a teen problem.

What is Acne

Most of us are aware of acne and know what it looks like. According to dermatologist, pimples are at the root of acne. Pimples resulting from acne occur because of excess oiliness in the skin. Usually a blackhead forms due to oiliness and pimples form underneath the blackhead. The pimples are caused by
bacteria present on the acne sufferers skin.

Acne Types

Acne Vulgaris
This type of acne occurs most often in teens. And the name is used to distinguish acne occurring during the teen years from adult onset acne.

Acne Rosaceae
Acne Rosaceae is an acne like condition occurring mostly in adults with oily skin conditions. Those with acne rosaceae usually have redness in their nose, cheeks, and lips.

Adult Acne Treatments

The worst thing one could do is squeeze a pimple. This only leads to infection and skin scarring. And this is exactly what you don't want to happen. Much better alternatives include over the counter medications or prescription drugs.

How Acne Products Work

Acne products usually work by attempting to reduce the amount of oiliness in the users skin. This makes it possible to produce new skin and reduce chances of bacterial infections.

Acne Over the Counter Drugs

Visit any local drug store and there are dozens of acne medications on the shelves. This can be very confusing for most individuals. Wondering which is the best choice. According to research, Clearasil and Stridex are very effective for many with mild acne. And dermatologist suggest acne sufferers
should primarily use products containing benzoyl peroxide.

Acne Prescription Medications.

A popular new treatment prescribed by dermatologist is retinoic acid which is a form of vitamin A. The cream is applied to the skin to reduce skin irritation.

Other popular medications include:
Azelaic acid cream
Alpha-hydroxy acids
Benzoyl peroxide
Birth control pills for women only

Acne Control Tips

Wash the face twice per day to reduce oiliness. Use oil free cosmetics. Oily cosmetics clog pores increasing acne. Use water based moisturizers and cosmetics to reduce oiliness. Never pick blemishes this leads to further infection and scarring. Limit greasy foods if you think they contribute to skin oiliness.

According to leading dermatologist acne is a prevalent problem among many adults. Further more, adult acne cannot be cured only controlled. And those with severe acne problems should consult a dermatologist.


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