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Tips for Handling Potato Cravings

You're on a low carb diet - but you really want those potato chips, french fries or baked potato! Here are some tips for handling the potato cravings you might have.

Potatoes are actually pretty tasteless, and pretty mushy (or crispy, in chips). So if you're craving potatoes, chances are that you don't just want a raw potato stuffed in your mouth. It's something about the TOPPINGS that is calling to you. Find a solution, and you'll find your craving vanishes!

Potato Chips
Is it pretty amazing that potato chips were only invented in 1853? A cook in New York was scolded for having soggy, thick potatoes and to torment the diner, he sliced them super-thin and oversalted them. The diner loved them and a taste sensation was born. By the early 1900s they were being sold in bags and bought by the millions.

These are of course one of the most unhealthy things you could possibly eat, no matter WHAT diet you are on. And what you crave in them is the salt. So get yourself a serving of salted nuts, and soothe that salt craving.

French Fries
French Fries are even newer than potato chips - they were discovered by US soldiers in World War I, serving north of France. They're not even French, really, just served by the French-speaking Belgians. French Fries are usually fried in trans-fats which makes them even less healthy than potato chips are.

In this case, it's probably a combination of ketchup and salt you crave. A burger can usually take care of this for you, or nuts again. Ketchup is sugar-filled but some tomatoes in a tomato salad can be quite tasty.

Baked Potato
The classic Irish meal is mostly enjoyable for its toppings of sour cream and butter, or broccoli and cheese. You can of course enjoy broccoli and cheese on its own as a dish. For sour cream and butter, have a sour cream dip with veggies, and a butter sauce with some seafood.

Mashed Potato
The classic here is a meat gravy. You can of course eat plenty of meat on a low carb diet! So pour that same gravy over your string beans, squash, cauliflower or whatever else you're having. You'll find that it holds the gravy just as nicely and actually adds flavor and nutrients to your meal.

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