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Excessive Sweating Facts

Let's face it, sweating is a normal part of life. Sweating is actually a good thing. Sweating normally happens when the body is stressed and needs to cool down. Problems occur when an individual starts to sweat excessively. This usually goes way beyond the normal type of sweating most people experience after a heavy work out in the gym or perhaps running up a flight of steps.
Excessive sweating is also known as hyperhydrosis. People with this condition seem to sweat excessively under any type of conditions. Heavy sweating usually occurs under the arms, on the face, neck, and even the palms of the hands. People with excessive sweating problems might experience an outbreak even in cool weather. So, what causes excessive sweating? Let's take a closer look.

Excessive Sweating Causes
One underlying medical reason why some people sweat excessively is due to a medical condition called hyperhydrosis. Research shows that hyperhydrosis is usually inherited. Parents tend to pass the condition along to their offspring's. Hyperhydrosis is thought to be a regulation problem associated with the nervous system. According to research hyperhydrosis or excess sweating might also be triggered by other medical conditions like a thyroid problem, alcoholism, heart disease, menopause, pregnancy, diabetes, or even taking certain prescribed medications. Excess sweating might also be caused by psychological factors like extreme stress or anxiety. And did you know that certain foods also play a factor in triggering excess sweating? It's true, spicy food like hot peppers or even caffeine drinks are responsible for many excess sweating conditions.

Excessive Sweating Cures
Excessive sweating might wind up a very embarrassing problem for women especially when they are in a social situation. It is not only socially embarrassing, but could also ruin their quality of life. Excessive sweating leads to problems with body odors. It most certainly leads to problems finding sweat proof clothing, and not being able to wear certain types of cosmetics. So, they might seek an excessive sweating cure or excessive sweating treatment for the condition. Common excessive sweating treatments include:

-Using an over the counter or prescription antiperspirant to stop sweating and control body odors.

-Taking oral medications (anticholinergics) which help to reduce sweating.

-Botox Injections under the arms are approved in the U.S. to treat excessive sweating conditions.

-Surgery is an option for very severe conditions.

-Some are also turning to homeopathic medicines to treat excessive sweating.

-Body detox removes toxins out of the body that contribute to excessive sweating. For example, eliminating caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods and increasing water intake.

Those who suspect that they have the condition should consult with their doctor for further information.

source: Web MD.

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