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More Old Wives Tales About Health

Some old wives tales do harbor a grain of truth while others are merely nonsense. In this article we take another look at more old wives tales about health.

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Chicken Soup is Good for Colds
Studies show that a good bowl of home made chicken soup with vegetables is actually good for colds and upper respiratory infections. The ingredients were found to have very strong inhibitory reactions which reduced cold symptoms. Conclusion: True

Skinny People Are Healthier Than Fat People
Just think about the individual who looks malnourished or underweight. Perhaps they are even anorexic. The anorexic faces a lot of health issues which include nutritional problems to vitamin deficiency. Of course, obesity is a prevailing problem in America and just as unhealthy as the individual who is anorexic or underweight. Conclusion: False.

Trimming Hair Makes Hair Grow Faster Or Thicker
Cutting the hair or trimming hair does not make the hair grow faster. Trimming split ends does stop hair from breaking off before reaching its full growth cycle. And new hair growing in often seems thicker because it is coarser than older hair. Conclusion: False

Cracking Knuckles Causes Arthritis
A common old wives tale is that you should never crack your knuckles because it causes arthritis. A study showed that people who cracked their knuckles did not increase the risk of developing arthritis when they got older, but there are reports that people who repeatedly crack their knuckles are more prone to inflammation. Conclusion: False

Most Heat is Lost Through the Head
Remember the myth or old wives tale that you should always wear a hat on your head when you go out doors during the cold weather? Supposedly, the reason is because most body heat is lost through the head. Well, new findings show that this is not exactly true. Heat loss depends heavily on the amount of skin that is exposed to the cold. For example, If your entire body was completely covered, but your head was exposed, you'd lose all the heat through your head. Now, if your head was exposed along with two bare legs, you would lose the most body heat from your legs. Conclusion: False

Don't Kiss Anyone With a Cold
Never kiss anyone with a cold because you might catch the cold. Of course, it is true that colds are an infection that is caught through coming in contact with an infected person through touch, sharing objects, cough, and a smack on infected lips. You might also want to steer clear of shaking hands with someone with a cold too. Conclusion: True

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