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Five Mysterious Body Complaints

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Throbbing headaches, dizzy spells, sudden hearing loss, brittle nails, falling hair? How to deal with these complaints.

We've all experienced mysterious body complaints like throbbing headaches, dizzy spells, sudden hearing problems, brittle nails, and falling hair. And wondered if the complaints are merely harmless temporary conditions or more serious. In this body care article we take a look at five mysterious complaints and their probable causes.

Throbbing Headaches
A throbbing headache hits you. What is the probable cause? Well, statistics show that most headaches are caused by stress, anxiety, or pressure. More women complain about stress related headaches than men. Doctors suggest taking a pain reliever and relaxing in a quiet room for a few hours. If the pain continues for a long period of time then it is time to see a doctor for closer examination.

Getting Dizzy
You stand up and the room starts spinning. Specialists state that this might suggest an inner ear problem, low blood pressure, dehydration, or anemia. Check with your doctor for closer examination.

Waxy Buildups: Hearing Problems
As we age, hearing loss is inevitable. Sounds seem muffled and voices in the same room sound distant. Family members complain about you turning up the television volume or stereo sound too high. This might signal that your hearing is diminished or blocked. Check for a waxy buildup in the ears. If you suspect that this is the problem, purchase an ear wax softener or ear wax cleaning kit at the drug store. Never use cotton swabs. They might get caught in the ear canals. Consult a doctor if the problem continues.

Thinning Hair
Men and women might notice that their hair is thinning as they age. Take a look at your parents hairline. If they have thinning hair you probably inherited it from them. Stress is also responsible for thinning hair. Scalp infections or fungus on the scalp contribute to thinning hair. A change in hormones might also cause hair to thin. There are shampoos and conditioners on the market that thicken hair. A doctor might also prescribe a remedy for thinning hair problems.

Weak Nails
Perhaps your nails are weak, yellowed, and thin. A manicure does little to cure the problem. This might be a sign that you have a nail fungus. There are over the counter products available to treat nail fungus and strengthen weak nails. Consult with a pharmacist at the drugstore or ask a dermatologist for more advice.
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