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Avoiding Nasty Insect Bites

Image and video hosting by TinyPicDuring warmer weather people like to enjoy the outdoors to a greater extent. Warm weather is a time for outside barbecues, relaxing in a backyard, sitting on a porch deck and enjoying the warm breezes and fresh air. Then you start to hear that buzzing around your ear or feel a slight light touch against your skin and realize that you are not alone. Uninvited guests have invaded your sacred outdoor space. In fact, those pesky little flying insects are bugging you out. The mosquitoes and other pest nip and bite at your skin leaving itchy scratchy rashes that last for weeks or even months. And the worst part is that they have the potential to cause serious problems which include Lyme Disease and the West Nile Virus. Well, most mosquito and bug bites are not that serious, but they are very irritating. Here are a few natural ways to guard against those bug bites.

Natural Insect Bite Solutions

Vinegar - An old home recipe for getting rid of pesky crawling or flying bugs is vinegar. For some reason the insects simply do not like the smell of vinegar. Here is how to use the vinegar to ward off bugs. Simply dab a cotton ball in undiluted vinegar. Rub the cotton ball over exposed skin areas. The bugs will definitely start to avoid you.

Garlic - A lot of people love garlic. They like it raw or cooked into special food dishes. One old fashioned remedy is to eat a bit of garlic every day. The garlic is said to repel those flying mosquitoes. If you can't stomach the idea of ingesting garlic daily, try a garlic capsule. They are available at most health food stores.

Citronella Oil/Citronella Candles - Many people are aware of the citronella candles and their use around the house. Insects do not like the smell of the Citronella candles or the citronella oil. Let a citronella candle be the centerpiece atop a table on your backyard deck or porch. Burn the Citronella candle to keep those pesky bugs out of the way and continue to enjoy the outdoors.

Vanilla - Dab a bit of vanilla essential oil on exposed skin. This essential oil is thought to be a very potent insect repellent. Remember to use only the pure essential oils and not the fakes. They do not have the same effect as the real essential oil products.

Clothing - Those with an annoying insect problem around their yard or decks should learn to cover up to avoid insect bites. Wear long sleeved shirts and long pants. Wear socks and shoes on the feet. This should greatly reduce any chances of a bug bite.

Perfumes - Studies show that people who wear perfume, colognes, lotions, are highly attractive to insects. Reduce your chances of attracting insects and getting nasty bug bites by NOT wearing these products when mosquitoes are buzzing around.

Don't Sweat - Those pesky bugs are attracted to heat and certain strong smells in the human body. They zoom in on any object that emits a lot of heat and certain strong chemical odors. People who exercise, play games, or sports outside are prime targets for biting insects because they are strong heat generators. Try to avoid exercising outside during the times when mosquito presence is high. This is usually early in the morning or early evenings.

Note: If you should receive a bug bite use this natural solution. Dab a cotton ball dipped in witch hazel on the bite to reduce the itching and stinging. Follow with a antibiotic product for more serious bites or consult with your doctor. Avoid another bug bite by wearing an Insect Repellent Bracelet like Bug Off.
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