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An Excuse to Stop Making Excuses

If you havenít been as productive or focused or engaged this month as you should have with getting a handle on you wellness, independence or work goals, donít beat yourself up over it! Instead, take stock and move on.

Write down 10 specific excuses (out of a zillion, right?) that have gotten you into trouble this month, making you feel less than, not good enough, lazy, etc. The goal is simple: donít repeat these excuses. Any excuse youíve used this month is already used up once youíve done it, accounted for it and written it down. Wash your hands of it. Done! You canít use these excuses on your list anymore to keep you from taking better care of yourself, being more independent, seeking the services out there that are best for you, connecting with the options important to you being your best. This will challenge you to either become really creative with your mindís little excuse factory that keeps cranking you mindlessly into not doing your best.

Or youíll just have to buckle down and get to work on such things as: finding helpful services, applying for work, hiring your personal support attendant, getting to physical therapy or rehab, checking your blood levels, getting enough rest, getting out more, advocating for changes in your community, connecting with more people.

Does that sound fair to you? Iíve always loved the feeling I get when I call something a ďprojectĒ. You can make anything sound impressive by calling it a project. I donít care if itís getting up earlier, going to bed earlier, doing your physical therapy, taking your medications on time or sticking to your eating plan.

That said; letís call this our ďNo More Excuses ProjectĒ. Here are 10 excuses Iíve used up for this month. I canít use them again. No way! Here we go:

1. Iím so exhausted. I just need to do something mindless for a while.
2. Iíve made a little progress today. Thatís good enough, right?
3. Junk food isnít that bad for me. And itís convenient!
4.Iíll just sleep five more minutes. Or 10Öeh, maybe 15.
5. I need to wait until the inspiration overtakes me.
6. Iíll get to work on my exercises after I finish this show.
7. I left a message. Iíll just wait until they call back to pursue anything further.
8. Iíll work even harder on looking for help on this tomorrow.
9. They wonít care if Iím a little late for my appointment.
10. Iíll ignore that craving. I know it wonít come back if I wait it out.

Writing this list made me realize how many of my excuses are about procrastination, putting it offÖand then not doing it! Or, if the excuse was about avoiding exercise, the doctor or a certain food, I just bombed and got lazy, didnít make it to the doctor or totally ate more than I meant to or completely the wrong thing. Almost all of these excuses are about putting something off so you arenít leading your best life or showing up in life as your best self. Did you notice that? Itís another way to show you how much clarity youíll get around things when you write them down. What excuse trends have you noticed in your life? Write them down and check them off.

There are a lot of excuses out there calling our names to keep us from being independent, healthy and fulfilled people with disabilities. Tackling just 10 each month seems like a small number, especially if weíre targeting specific excuses. But weíve got to start somewhere! Why not here and now? -- Wait! That was a rhetorical question. No excuses.

And getting rid of 10 excuses a month is concrete and manageable. That is so very important. Whatís more, if we really can beat these excuses at the punch from our daily lives, the overall impact will be tremendous to our overall wellness, self esteem, independence, quality of life, finances and more. Give this a try for yourself. See where it takes you. It can only lead to somewhere better than where you are right now!

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