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Meditation - Substance Use Issues

Visualize a plate of food. Six hours after the meal the food will have been converted into parts of the body or for instant energy. What we ingest becomes part of our body for even a short time, and influences our thinking and actions that follow by its effect on our state of mind. This is lesson 30 in the series "Conquering Codependency - Loving Without Leaning."

Meditation for Reflection

Sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed with a journal to write in by your side. Close your eyes and begin even and regular breathing, such as counts 1, 2 breathe in; counts 3, 4 breathe out; counts 1, 2 breathe in and continue this pattern for a minute. Then let go of the counting and continue the even rhythmic breathing while reflecting on these thoughts:

If we consume substances that our body cannot assimilate usefully, including excess alcohol, drugs, or too much food, the body-mind organism is thrown off its natural harmonious chemical balance - a built-in safeguard system alerting us to change our ways, or suffer further.

Some adverse reactions

- Conflict from the inability to relate logically in relationships;
- Loss of desire to resolve daily or backlogged issues and problems;
- Aches and pains that are not from injuries;
- Agitation; lack of vitality;
- Feelings of sluggishness in digestion, circulation, respiration.

Why do we take in that which upsets our natural balance? Perhaps because we are unaware of the natural results of our actions. We may think a certain substance will put us in a state of altered consciousness, and that this altering will make us feel right, because we were not feeling right beforehand.

A serious question for the codependent to one abusing substances

Is it the best choice to cover up for a dear one, or pave the way for continued dependent use, knowing their system will be put out of balance again and again?

Finish your meditation with a deep breath in and out. Then write any insights in your journal for action now and future review.

Codependency Recovery Prayer

“May I summon strength and courage
To end my actions of accepting
And justifying substance dependence in my loved one
Through remembering that our relationship
And their body will thus continue to be unbalanced.”

Codependency Homepage and Sitemap
Co-Dependents Anonymous Meeting Locations

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Article and ebook by Susan Helene Kramer

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