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Making Course Corrections

The path in life can be winding, sometimes wide open in front of us, sometimes through a narrow gorge. When we reach an impassable cliff it is prudent to consider other directions to go.

This is lesson 43 in the series "Conquering Codependency - Loving Without Leaning" looking at aspects of codependency from a spiritual point of view. Each of the 48 lessons includes a prayer or meditation.

Meditation for reflection

Sit in a quiet place, either on your cushion or chair with your back held upright. Fold your hands in your lap or place them palms up or palms down on your thighs. Close your eyes.

Begin a pattern of even breathing such as 2 counts to breathe in; 2 counts to breathe out; continue this rhythm without actually saying the counts.

Now reflect on the following thoughts:

It is okay to make course corrections whenever we see a clearer or better way to proceed. Change is not failure, rather, change using new information to get us to our destination more easily is the most efficient path on which to proceed. Even change many times on the way to our goals when a clearer way becomes visible is the best course of action to follow.

The need for course corrections can face us at any stage in the progress of any goal we are seeking, even when we are deeply entrenched along a specific path.

Allowing course corrections makes use of our intelligent, discerning, and creative faculties. We are given these aspects of mind to be able to adjust ourselves to changing circumstances and conditions in our lives, including career goals and relationships.

When we become aware that another action would be for the higher good of a situation, we need to make a course correction to maintain our balance of peace of mind and an easeful body.

Making Course Corrections Prayer

“May I make course corrections
When needed to regain or maintain
Peace of mind, and an easeful body.
May I remember that course corrections
Allow me to reach my goals most easily.”

Finish your meditation by taking a deep breath in, slowly releasing it and opening your eyes. Stretch out and go on with your day, refreshed and relaxed.

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Conquering Codependency, Stress and Anger for Kids Teens Adults by Susan Kramer
Conquering Codependency, Stress and Anger - Loving Without Leaning
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Article and ebook by Susan Helene Kramer

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