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7 Ways to Eliminate Body Odor

People find various ways to deal with body odor problems. Some try excessive showering and bathing while others rely on their favorite deodorants, colognes, perfumes, body oils, and powders. The problem is that these products have a limited effectiveness. Sure they work for a few hours at the most. We all know how embarrassing and annoying excessive body odor is when out in social situations.

Body odor is actually a very common problem that affects both men and women in their prime and during the teens. This is the time when hormones are high and very active. Thus leading to an increase in body odor. The odor that is so distressing is actually the bacteria resulting from the sweat that is growing on the skins surface. It is a fact of life. We sweat when we move around or exercise, especially in very humid weather. Sweating is important and perfectly normal. Sweating helps the body regulate its temperature. But. . . what do we do when the body odor produced is unbearable? What is the solution- to conquering body odor?

Eliminating Body Odor

1. Wash with soap and water on all areas that sweat excessively. This should help to eliminate the problem in most individuals bothered with excessive body odor. After washing the body throughly apply an antiperspirant to stop the odor and reduce the sweating.

2. One suggestion is to use a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water to reduce body odors. Mix one teaspoon of the solution with eight ounces of water. Wipe the areas affected with strong body odor several times per day. This should help eliminate the problem.

3. Change clothes frequently. If you sweat profusely, the bacteria settles in the clothing making the odor stronger. Wash clothes after wearing once. This is vital for those who exercise.

4. Perhaps most of the offending odor makes you dash to the deodorant counter in the drugstore. Here is a quick tip: shaving under the arms reduces the bacteria in the area thus reducing much of the B.O.

5. Heat and humidity are the main reasons that we sweat. And the sweating leads to the offending body odor. Fight the body odor by relaxing in a cool environment with a glass of mint tea.

6. Did you know that foods in your diet might cause body odor? It's true. Fatty foods, garlic, curry, onions, are all offenders. The strong smelling foods secrete through the skin and cause the body odor. Squash the offenders and eliminate them from your diet.

7. Find a natural body odor fighter.. Bodymint is a tablet that contains chlorophyll and eliminates odor problems all day long. The Bodymint pill works from the inside out. Testimonials on their website show that many are pleased with the results. The tablet is great for those who exercise and are bothered with excess perspiration odor. Also good for those living in humid climates and experience body odor. There are also generic brand chlorophyll tablets available at health foods stores. They work in similar fashion and cost less.


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