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Divine Guidance for those Awakening Now

This is a channelled message I received from the Divine which is especially for those experiencing Spiritual Awakening now as we enter the Age of Aquarius. I was given several helpful analogies which I hope will be useful guidance for the newly Awakened. I have been channelling for some years, but have rarely shared it. Here I am following my own inner guidance to let these words reach a larger audience!

"Be at peace and know that I AM. I AM within you as I AM within ALL. My energy flows through every insect, every organism, every Being in the World and ALL is WELL.

Through your narrow perspective you perceive strife, business as usual on Planet Earth, yet underneath it all lies perfection and an unfolding of my energy. Nothing is ever truly destroyed, only transmuted into other forms. The energy is still there enduring.

When people do what you see as wrong they are following their ego mind. It is part of the learning process like falling down countless times as you learn to walk. Some humans take longer than others to let go of their ego mind and trust their inner spirit, the Divine force of Light within them as within everyone. Can you see how the process unfolds over many lifetimes? You must make errors to find the way.

The perfect template is always there if you go within, but first you try to focus outwards and change the world without changing yourselves. This is futile and doomed to failure in the long term.

Think of a baker baking bread. First he must prove the dough. Only when it is risen can he bake it. Changing the outer before working on the inner is like trying to bake unproven dough. The results are unsatisfactory and fall flat. It is too dense; the creations lack space and Light in their matrix.

First touch your inner light and bring it through you so that your creations are guided by Spirit and can illuminate others that are Awakening now, for this is a time of Mass Awakening.

People are emerging from their unconsciousness into the New Age like butterflies coming from chrysalises. They are vulnerable at first whilst they adapt to their new state of being. They cannot fly on their new wings until they have rested. They are Awakening but they still don’t know what they are. That knowledge takes time to unfold like the unfurling butterfly wings. When the truth of their own Divinity dawns on them then they will fly showing their own beautiful colours.

These words are intended as nourishment for the newly Awakened. Nectar for their sustenance until they learn that they are self sustaining and that going within will replenish their reserves and fulfil their needs. Whenever you are in trouble go within and find ME, find the incorruptible essence within you and you will know that whatever appears to be happening on the outside, all is well in your inner life."

I always know when I have tapped into the Inner Light because the words flow onto paper without pausing for thought. Sometimes when I do this it all seems too easy and I have doubts, until I read it back and see the apt analogies that would take my conscious mind a long time to come up with! The sentence structure and capitalisation is also quite different to my usual style. When I channel I sit down with paper and pen and let the words flow in the same way that Sara Wiseman describes in her book Writing the Divine. I do believe that the innate ability to tap into Divine wisdom lies within all of us and just needs to be opened up.

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