Six Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

Six Signs of a Spiritual Awakening
Since we have entered into the age of Aquarius, people seem to be experiencing a spiritual awaking, and this seems to happen in waves! 

Here are the signs you may be going through a spiritual awakening:

Your dreams become more intense and meaningful.
Because dreams are one of the most powerful ways to receive divine guidance, those who have begun their own awakening process will generally notice an increase in their dreams; they will become more vibrant, and seemed to be filled with important messages. They may also have longer dreams, and remember more of their dreams. 

You develop an interest in getting psychic readings.
When someone begins their awakening process, they suddenly feel as if there is something important they need to know. Coincidentally they may find themselves in situations where they meet people who give psychic readings; psychic fairs, new age shops, or holistic gatherings. Seeing a psychic helps them to get confirmation that they are on the right path.

You develop an interest in developing your own intuition.
A spiritual awakening brings with it the desire to follow divine guidance. Now begins the deeper work! After all, if a psychic provided you with important information, imagine getting that clear guidance yourself every day.

You reach out to your angels and guides. 
A spiritual awakening triggers a response from your cosmic helpers; they realize that you are now ready to communicate with them so they reach out to you. You may feel the presence of these beings at work in your life.

You start seeing signs and symbols.
Signs and symbols are one of the easiest ways to receive divine guidance. You may be thinking about going back to school, and then receive an ad in the mail about a local university offering night courses. Or you may keep seeing the numbers 11:11, 333 or 444. Signs and symbols are always present, because the Universe is always trying to get your attention, however, until someone expands their awareness, many of these signs go unnoticed. 

You experience more and more synchronicities. 
A synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence. Simply stated, the Universe likes to make things happen together, and when you are going through the awakening process, the Universe wants to help you! So it will put together meaningful events in the hopes that you’ll notice, and grow from the experience.

Often, just the desire to become more spiritually aware will trigger these events so that you can expand your consciousness. Though I know how vulnerable it can feel to start this process, the key to receiving these gifts is to act on them. It’s through your actions that you embrace your divinity, and allow greater guidance to flow through you.

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