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Review of the Crystal Oversoul Attunements

The Crystal Oversoul Attunements comprises a deck of attractive crystal cards and an accompanying guidebook containing visualisations to help you attune to each Crystal Oversoul.

I requested a review copy of this card deck from author Michael Eastwood. When my cards arrived I was impressed by the care that had been taken by Findhorn Press on the new presentation of the cards. The box is sturdy and colourful; the lid opens like a book cover and is complete with a gorgeous crystal illustration on the inside and a magnetic flap to keep the contents safe, yet the price has been kept reasonable. I think this attractive packaging makes it a great gift set for fellow crystal enthusiasts.

There are 44 Oversoul Attunement cards in total, each representing a single crystal’s energy, ranging from popular and familiar crystals like Rose Quartz to a few more unusual crystals like Papagoite. The cards are illustrated with circular crystal mandalas. When I look at them I am reminded of the many happy hours I spent as a child with a kaleidoscope fully absorbed in pattern-making.

So who are the Crystal Oversouls? I understand them as the overlighting beings that care for each crystal energy. Whereas an individual crystal may have its own devic spirit within, the Oversouls hold the energy of all the crystals of that type. The attunement visualisations in the guidebook are designed to lead you into beautiful crystal temples to meet the Oversouls of each crystal. Once in a temple you may be asked to lie on a crystal altar to receive their healing. Michael suggests that it is easier to connect to the Oversouls if you work with the card and a piece of the matching crystal surrounded by a specific number of quartz points to make the connection. The quartz points serve a bit like an energetic key opening a doorway.

I’ve been using the cards with my students since receiving them. I have set them out on a white cloth on the floor making a large ‘stone circle’ with space for an entranceway. I've then asked each student to walk the circle slowly clockwise and look out for the card that is calling to them. This has been an enjoyable and different way to choose a crystal and carries the feeling of a simple, but sacred ceremony that honours the energies of the stones.

The chosen cards have been used in conjunction with the crystals they represent as a focus for meditation or for Shamanic journeying using the centre of the mandala as a doorway. I’ve also used the cards as a focus for group meditations, choosing one Oversoul card on behalf of the group, setting it down in the centre of a circle of students and giving each participant a piece of the corresponding stone to hold. I have then placed the recommended number of quartz points around the circle and taken them through the Crystal Oversoul Attunement visualisation in the guidebook. Participants have had surprisingly varied experiences, despite following the same guided visualisation. I always lead people out of the experience via the route they came in, as I feel this is the safest way of working and helps everyone to feel they are 'fully back'. Do include the return journey if you want to try these visualisations for yourself. You may also want to have a grounding stone close by to hold afterwards, especially if you are working with some of the higher vibrational energies.

Having had an operation under general anaesthetic I still felt groggy and lacking in energy more than a week later. I sensed I needed to realign my own subtle energies to the Four Directions. I went through the Oversoul deck and chose 5 cards that called to me: Danburite, Ruby, Amber, Malachite and Chrysocolla. I then intuitively assigned each to a direction: Danburite for the North, Amber for the South, Malachite for the East, Chrysocolla for the West and finally Ruby for the Centre. I spread a blanket on the floor so I could lie with my head to the North and my feet to the South and then I placed the cards with their matching crystals around me at the compass points, finishing by placing Ruby on my body. I then lay there for about 10 minutes whilst my energies were shifting and realigning. When I got up I felt much clearer and stronger and more like my normal self. I could have done the layout with the crystals on their own, but the crystal & card combination felt good to me.

I suspect I have only scratched the surface of possible uses for the Crystal Oversoul Cards and would be very interested to hear about your own use of them in the New Age Forum!

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