Crystals to Enhance Communication with the Angels

Crystals to Enhance Communication with the Angels
One of the greatest forms of spiritual assistance you can ever receive is from the angelic realms. You have your own guardian angels who are with you from the moment you are born as a soul, and then the angels who help you in this particular lifetime, not to mention the help of other angels and archangels as needed.

However, because the connection to the angels can feel very ethereal, you may actually doubt you are in touch with the angels at all.

If you ever doubt your ability to connect to the angels, or feel you could use some support that will enhance that connection, consider using crystals to strengthen your ability to receive guidance from the angels.

Crystals carry such a loving and supportive vibration, there is just nothing they can’t help you with when it comes to living joyfully, and following the path of your soul.

Here are some of my favorite crystals for enhancing your ability to receive guidance from the angels. I have worked with all these crystals extensively, and have benefitted tremendously from it.

One of the most popular stones for communication with the angels, Angelite enhances the ability to clearly receive guidance from the angelic realms.

Botswana Agate
This common, but remarkable stone is for those who greatly desire a spiritual connection, yet at the same time, fear there may be repercussions. It is a stone of spiritual adventure, and creativity, allowing for the openness and trust required to access the higher dimensions.

This lovely stone helps open the channels of communication to the angelic realms, and helps one gently open in awareness of the spiritual dimensions.

Elestial Quartz
A rather powerful crystal, the Elestial Quartz is known for clearing the heart, and all the energy centers, to allow for greater understanding of the spiritual realms. I prefer to use this stone in meditation, as it clears the channels of communication from the angelic dimensions which are best discovered in the silence.

Herkimer Diamond
Also known as an attunement stone, the Herkimer Diamond basically supports whatever you are working on. I’ve paired this with other stones, and it seems to enhance not only the other stone, but my own intention as well. It also enhances the ability to have awareness that the angels are sending loving, supportive energies.

This calming stone helps to clear both the throat chakra, and the third eye, which allow for clear communication and understanding from the angelic realms. It’s also a powerful stone to use during meditation, as it aligns the chakras, and facilitates connection to guides and angels.

This stone enhances your ability to receive awareness through visions by clearing the pineal gland, and aligning the energy centers. Pietersite is one of the first stones I connected with when I first started working with the angels.

Actually known as an angel’s stone, Petalite strengthens the psychic abilities, and supports the connection to the angels and spiritual guides and teachers.

A stone of dreams, Prehnite helps you to remember the divine guidance and interaction you may have experienced during your dreamtime state. My very first angelic interaction was through the dreamtime.

Also known as Serefina (and Chlorite), this stone not only supports awareness of the connection to the angelic realms, but it’s also a wonderful stone to support healing and releasing of dissonant energies.

Choosing a crystal that’s right for you:
When choosing a crystal, simply hold the intention that you’d like a stone to help support your connection to the angelic realms, and that it will help you have more awareness of the divine guidance that is being channeled to you. Then simply allow yourself to be drawn to a stone. Don’t worry about whether it’s known for strengthening the ability to receive communications from the angels, because the stone that you are drawn to may not. Its gifts may be to clear the energies that keep you from taking the steps necessary to receiving that guidance.

One of the first stones I was powerfully drawn to was Pyrite. Later I discovered that it’s most well-known for defending and protecting against negative energies. At the time, I had no idea that I had within me (as we all do) the ability to loving transmute those negative energies. Pyrite surrounded me in a bubble of loving energy that helped to further support my spiritual growth, moving me toward awareness of the angelic realms.

However you choose to explore your connection to the realms of light, the journey should be fun, and as free from limitation as possible. With the support of crystals to enhance your ability to receive communication from your angels, you have not just the support of your angels, but the support of the seeds of light as well.

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