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Our Thoughts Create Our Health

This has been proposed many times by many different traditions, spiritual teachers and now scientists are proving physiologically how it is so. Our cells are imprinted with what makes us tick, and until changed we continue to put out the codes we have been brought up to believe.

Dr Bruce Lipton, author of several books, including Biology Of Belief explains how our cells are affected by the environment they are exposed to. The environment he refers to is the conditions they are kept in. These conditions are dependant on our thoughts, lifestyle and eating habits.

When we eat well, feel good about our-self, and live in harmony we create a healthy environment for our cells to thrive in. Similarly, when we eat junk food, feel stressed, and anxious we create an unhealthy environment for our cells.

The body will react to the unhealthy environment by showing up as symptoms of ill health. The symptoms are a warning to us that we are doing something wrong, and that perhaps drastic measures are required to correct the imbalances. These measures involve changing our-self from within; reducing stress, eating healthy, and doing more things that make us happy.

Taking tablets or other substances will not create a healthy environment for the cells to return to homeostasis. While they may seem to help alleviate the symptoms, the true cause and deeper reasons need to be explored further to stop this happening again.

When we feel happy; for example when we are in love, or on holiday, and doing things that take us out of our-self, we are at peace and feel good. These activities act to prolong our life and increase our health. Anything that reduces stress and brings calm into our life creates a harmonious environment for our cells to strengthen and support themselves.

If you are feeling stressed and prone to illness, here are some suggestions to help you get back on track;

Be More Social

Meet with friends and make time for you. Do things that you enjoy and make you feel happy. Most of the time we are doing things that someone else wants us to do, so do things that you do not feel obligated to do.

Take Up Meditation

Meditation practices have been shown to have numerous benefits. Scientifically they have shown how meditators brains look different from non-meditators brains, and they also function better under pressure. As well as this, meditating can lower blood pressure, slow down the ageing process and keep the mind from being foggy.

Slow Down

Become aware of your breath and the anxiety you feel in your body, and mind. When we notice our breath in this way we can keep bringing our-self back to the present moment. Most of the time our breath is shallow and may even be verging on hyperventilating. This adds to the fight of flight response in us and also contributes to creating a ‘negative’ environment for our cells.

Eat Consciously

Take time to stop and eat your food without distractions. Make healthy food choices and know that you are supporting yourself in promoting a stronger healthier body.

The mind is complex, and so is our body. Dr Lipton did some research that showed how we create receptor sites on our cells that identify the cells as ours. When organs are transplanted as they are into another persons body they are not recognised as theirs so they are rejected. However, when the receptor sites are removed, the organ becomes just the organ, it has no other identity, and it is then accepted in anyones body as just the organ. Our cells are imprinted with our identity dependant on what environment they are kept in.

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