Loving Yourself

Loving Yourself
Loving others can for the most part come easy and sometimes people make it a little difficult, especially if they are having a challenging time, but we see through the facade that they present and we love them just the same. We are meant to love one another. Love is the most basic and most needed emotional feeling to make the world whole again. Love is from God.

We put so much into loving others and giving to them but what about ourselves? When do we stop loving ourselves and taking away our own self worth? Possibly when we are over burdened with the load of being a caretaker, of being of service to others without taking time to be of service to our own needs.

Messengers, Spiritual Helpers, or Guides as we are sometimes called, seem to forget that in order to help others we have to help ourselves. That not only means with daily needs of home and family, food and exercise, but also food and nourishment of Spirit and love for our Soul.

We cant’ just keep giving to others and not take something for our own needs. We’re not machines that run all day and night. We’re human flesh and blood and we require many forms of fuel. We can only give so much and then we need a refill just as others do.

Love is most important. Because within love comes all the many wonders of who we are as Spiritual beings and how those wonders nourish us. Love gives us hope, it gives us a feeling of belonging and it fills us with warmth and comfort when sorrow or pain finds it’s nasty way into our lives.

Love is Universal and it flows as free as the waters of the great Mother Earth. All we have to do is open our hearts and let it come in; to ourselves as well as sharing it with others.

Loving ourselves is not being selfish. It is required in order for us to be of service to others. We may not always like ourselves but that’s ok. We may not always like others as well. But “Love” is just like food for the body, mind, and Spirit, it is required.

Love is and should always be unconditional. To give in the service to others is to give without the desire for something in return. Well, something of superficial desire. For me, to love others and see them smile, feel safe, know hope, believe in God and a future, and to hold their head up high, that’s all I need in return.

Give love to someone today. Give a hug, share a smile, play a game with a child, visit a nursing home and sing a song for someone special.

The warmth and love you will feel in return will give you the desire to continue on and be an inspiration to someone who has lost their way. Loving yourself is important. If you truly want to be a blessing to others then you have to like and love who you are in order to make it happen.

Love yourself. Know in your heart that you are special and unique and that each and every gift you have been blessed with is important to the path you are here to walk. Have faith in who you are and share your special gifts with others.

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