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Quick Fixes for Five Skin Problems

Stressful lives certainly takes its toil on our skin, face, and entire body. Stress is running rampant in a society where people are always on the move and do not take the time to relax. Eventually, this lifestyle shows on our face and body. One way to fix the problem is to face what is causing the stress and try to end the problem, but while you are working on ending any stressful situation, your looks do not have to suffer. Here are quick fixes for common skin problems caused by too much stress.

Acne - Acne flare ups are common among adults faced with daily stress. Dermatologist findings show that stress triggers an acne attack which leads to an overproduction of certain hormones. No need to get stressed out even further. Several very effective acne creams are on the market that treat adult acne flareups. The products also contain ingredients that reduce redness and swelling associated with acne. Biores Double Agent and Clinique's Acne Solution Emergency Gel Lotion are available without prescription to treat acne problems.

Eye Bags - Are you suffering with red blotchy eyes accompanied by under eye puffiness? Leading a stressful life interrupts sleep patterns. When we don't get enough sleep, those puffy bags form under the eyes and fluid collects in the bags. One quick solution is to dip a cotton ball in witch hazel. Close the eyes and relax on the bed. Place cotton balls dipped in witch hazel on closed eyes. Settle back and relax for a few minutes. The witch hazel should help to reduce some of the swelling.

Dry Skin - Research shows that stress reduces the bodies ability to send moisture to the skin's surface. The result is dry and flaky skin. Use a natural home made exfoliate to remove the upper layer of dry dead skin and expose the fresh new skin cells underneath. Follow with a good moisturizer like Lubriderms Skin RenewalAge Defying Moisturizer.

Eczema Flareups - Those with red itchy skin that turns scaly are probably suffering with eczema. Stress increases eczema flareups in some people. Here is a quick fix. Try over the counter hydro-cortisone cream for a mild flareup. Eucerins Itch Relief Spray also works wonders.

Psoriasis - Red itchy skin and scaly bumps are certainly very uncomfortable. Soothe the problem with the following quick fix. Stop using harsh soaps immediately. Change to a gentle soap like Aveeno or Basis. Over the counter hydro-cortisone creme also helps improve the skin problem.

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