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Basics of Palm Reading

Palm reading, or palmistry, is often associated with gypsies working out of tapestry-covered wagons. Palmistry actually has an ancient history. The hands are perhaps the most important parts of the body - used to hold a loved one, to gather food, and to write and draw. It is no coincidence that examining the shape and lines on a hand will tell you about that persons's life.

Always read the dominant palm of the person. If someone is right handed, read their right hand. If the person is left handed, use the left hand. Even ambidextrous people tend to use one hand more than the other - use whichever hand is used most often.

When you look at a hand, with its fingers held pointed upwards, there are three main lines. The top line goes from the left side by the pinky and ends up between the pointer and middle finger. The middle line starts lower on the palm and goes across the center of the palm, ending up halfway between the pointer finger and the thumb. The lower line starts down at the wrist and usually ends up meeting up with the center line.

Top Line - Heart Line
The very top line is called the heart line. This governs your emotions and feelings. If the line is very high (far from the middle line), it indicates that the person has great passion and jealousy. A low line indicates someone more evenly balanced. A line that tends to go straight across is another sign of balance - while a line that curves upwards indicates a person who is outgoing and demonstrative. Any dips or valleys indicate times of trouble.

Middle Line - Head Line
The central line is about your mentality. The stronger the line appears, the more forceful the person is. If the line is straight, it means you tend to be focussed - but if the line is wiggly, it means you have a mind that wanders.

Bottom Line - Life Line
This line talks about how you live your life. If the line goes up to meet the head line, it means that your life is lead with attention to what is going on around you. If your line goes across and stays away from the middle line, it indicates that you tend to think about yourself more often.

Note that many people think a life line's length somehow predicts how long a person can live. This isn't true at all! Otherwise you could look at the hands of infants who were going to die before age 10 and see a lot of short lines. Instead, a lifeline is more about how your life is lived. A short life line indicates that you hesitate from living a full life, and tend to miss a lot of opportunity. A longer life line indicates you take full advantage of every opportunity given to you.

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