Angel Message Transformation and Vision

Angel Message Transformation and Vision
To truly transform that which holds you back into the brightest, most loving light, you must use your imagination, and create a vision for your future that fits your brightest self.

Transformation is the process of changing one thing into another. And this is the secret of the philosopher’s stone. Transforming base metal into gold is a metaphor for transforming the lower vibrations of anger, hate, judgement, guilt, shame, and criticism, into the higher vibrations of love, joy, gratitude and peace.

Transformation is a three-step process.

First you must recognize when you are not in alignment with the force of love that works through you. Any feelings of being a victim, or despair, or anger, indicate that you are not in alignment with your brightest good, and this will keep your greatest good from expressing into your life.

Second you must understand that only you have the power to shift these feelings. When you wait for someone, or something, outside of yourself to change, you give your power away. You are fully disempowered if you blame any person, or situation, for your unhappiness, and lack of well-being.

Now this is not to say that others won’t cause you to experience unhappiness in your life; they will. However, to experience transformation you have to be able to move from the belief that they caused you harm, to the belief that though they caused you harm, that was in the past, and in the present moment you are in control of your choices; you can choose to see the situation through the lens of your Soul, and move through the situation.

Third, you must use your brilliant imagination for your brightest good, rather than using it against yourself. Every day you use your imagination for purposes that detract from your divinity.

Every time you think any of the following, or some version of the following, you are using your imagination for ill.

I could never do that, it’s too hard.
I’m not smart enough.
I don’t have enough training.
I’m stuck where I am.
I need someone else to make this work.
I have to just settle for this.
I’ll never have a loving relationship.

Your imagination is a very powerful tool, and it’s through your imagination that you start the process of alchemy, or transformation, in your own life by holding a brighter vision for your life and your future.

Vision starts in the present moment by seeing the world through the lens of your Soul, and making choices that align you to your brightest good.

Use your vision to transform negative thinking and beliefs, into higher vibrational thoughts and beliefs.

I receive inspiration to accomplish what I greatly desire.
If I really want something, my Soul will give me the guidance to accomplish that.
I have a brilliant imagination, and if I really want to learn something, I learn it!
I move forward, guided by my Soul, and I embrace these exciting changes.
I have forces working through me that want to see me succeed!
I am here to experience my divinity; my brightest good is my birth right.
Because I am a loving being, I attract love into my life.

Negative thoughts and beliefs won’t just magically leave you because you’ve read an inspiring book, or experienced a profound healing session. Transformation is an active process, just as caring for your body is. Through the daily practice of using your imagination to see the brightest vision of your life, you transform blocks and limitations into a force for good that will bring your vision to life.

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