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I always try to buy people gifts that will inspire them & like to find things that are useful, unusual or both. Here’s my latest gift selection.

The Journey to Wild Divine
This is a high tech present for a spiritual friend who also likes their computer. This game is unlike anything else I have ever played. The look of the game is very beautiful. The graphics are heavenly and harmonious and each new scene is quite captivating. You learn to control your physical state through a biofeedback device. You wear the sensors included on your non-mouse fingers & the device plugs into your computer.

To complete the various tasks you are taught breathing techniques that either make you more energised or more peaceful. A word of warning here…at the entrance gate you must make a pinwheel whirl around, which I did, over & over. Only when I was close to hyperventilating and dizzy did I realise that the first spin had activated the entrance & I could have stepped through into the main game at any point…there is probably a lesson in there for me!

You can save your game so that you can progress & continue with your journey & spiritual lessons when you next have a little time to play. My favourite place so far has been the Rainbow Rocks- naturally! Different people can use the system and save their own separate games. My teenage daughter can be found hooking herself up to the sensors regularly!
Explore more at Journey to Wild Divine

The Gift of Enlightenment
This board game is beautifully presented. The board is attractively designed, the playing pieces are real crystal tumbles, you collect pretty twinkling coloured chakra ‘stones’ to win the game and the whole feel is of quality.

At the beginning you are dealt a hand of Humanity cards, which are a combination of the good & the bad (like all of us!) As you play the game you need to lose your negative traits: bitterness, confusion, apathy etc & pick up good ones: tenderness, compassion, joy and so on. Each player progresses around the board in time honoured tradition by throwing the wooden die. On the way round special squares prompt you to pick a card or complete a ‘chakra challenge’. The cards can help you lose the ‘bad traits’ you started out with. Chakra challenges are designed to heighten your psychic awareness and are great fun. You can read my full review of this game here: The Gift of Enlightenment

Table Top Labyrinth
Here’s the gift for the New Age executive who has everything…a labyrinth that sits right on your desk! The Amazing Africa Company produces a range of handheld or table top labyrinths. The designs are based on ancient labyrinths found in places such as Crete. Labyrinths differ from mazes in that there is only one way into the centre & one way out. The purpose is to aid meditation and focus. You may ponder a question or pray as you work your way into the centre of the labyrinth.

Mine is a two handed Seven Circuit Labyrinth in white cement. The seven turns are supposed to correspond to the seven chakras and tracing your fingers around them is an interesting experience. The makers claim that the turns your fingers find difficult may show up issues in the matching chakra- it is also helpful I feel in harmonising right brain & left brain activity as you trace using both hands simultaneously. Sadly mine suffered some damage in shipping, despite being very well packaged. The company have said it is the first report of damage they have had in two years, so I'll put that one down to a bad tempered postman somewhere along the journey. To see the complete range visit: Amazing Africa Company

Tibetan Ting-Shas
The Tibetan Ting-Sha box set includes a pair of ting-shas and a book by Robert Beer about their history, traditional use and ideas for your own use. The sound quality of these little Tibetan cymbals is very sweet and pure and I like to use them to enhance meditation or in the completion of space clearing work. They fill a space with a very harmonious vibration. I think this is a very nicely packaged and genuinely useful gift set for anyone interested in Tibetan Buddhism, meditation or space clearing.

I enjoy selecting a really beautiful calendar for the year ahead. In truth this is often my gift to myself! I find it very therapeutic & inspirational to have something beautiful to look at daily as I plan. 2006 has been enjoyably spent with the Healing Mandalas calendar by Bonnie Bell and David Todd. The artists have combined high resolution photographs of Space, mainly taken by the Hubble Space Telescope with flowers and petals to design mandalas of striking beauty. More of their work can be seen at Gaia Star World

In preparation for 2007 I have treated myself to a stunning calendar by visionary artist Susan Seddon Boulet on Unicorns. This is a magical calendar & I know I’ll enjoy the turning the pages with the passage of the months.

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