Gift of Enlightenment

Gift of Enlightenment
A spiritual board game for 2-6 players from teens upwards.

I’ve had great fun reviewing this board game as I had to play it to get a feel for it. First to say it is beautifully presented. The board is attractively designed, the playing pieces are real crystal tumbles, you collect pretty twinkling coloured chakra ‘stones’ to win the game and the whole feel is of quality.

At the beginning you are dealt a hand of Humanity cards, which are a combination of the good & the bad (like all of us!) As you play the game you need to lose your negative traits: bitterness, confusion, apathy etc & pick up good ones: tenderness, compassion, joy and so on. Each player progresses around the board in time honoured tradition by throwing the wooden die. On the way round special squares prompt you to pick a card or complete a ‘chakra challenge’. The cards can help you lose the ‘bad traits’ you started out with. Chakra challenges are designed to heighten your psychic awareness and are great fun.

My first game was with my daughter Alice who is a teenager. It was lovely to see how much knowledge she has soaked up about the chakras without me ever teaching her directly. Having said that you don’t need any background knowledge of the chakras to play. She proved herself pretty intuitive when completing the chakra challenges & we were neck & neck to the finish. Of course I cheated a little by bringing out my pendulum- well there’s nothing in the rules to say you can’t! The winner gets a affirmative and thought provoking personal message from the Book of Enlightenment linked to one of their positive traits and a chakra as their prize, but we decided we were both winners and had a message each. Here’s an example chosen randomly:

KINDNESS, VIOLET- I am a kind and gentle person who always looks for the good in everyone. I try not to misinterpret situations but I forgive myself if that happens. My intentions are honest, as I always want the best for everyone involved.

I took the game over to visit my meditation buddies and give it a grown up road test. Oddly when we were dealt our Humanity cards the traits we each got fitted our strengths and our weaknesses rather aptly- I’m just not about to tell you mine as I’d rather you thought I was perfect!! We had a great evening- even though they banned my pendulum as an unfair advantage *sulk* oops there’s a trait I’ll have to get rid of! They felt that using the game did help you develop your skills in a playful way and were similarly impressed with the look & feel of the whole package.

I think this one would make a great, spiritual family Christmas present and makes a change from the jigsaw puzzle on Boxing Day. You can purchase it from major retailers or direct from Veritas Productions at Gift of Enlightenment

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