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Calls to Mystic Alice by Alice Rose Morgan

‘Calls to Mystic Alice: A Psychic and Her ‘Spooks’ Explain Karma, Reincarnation, and Everything Else You Forgot on Your Way to Earth’ by septuagenarian Alice Rose Morgan is one of the most readable & enlightening books that have come my way recently. Alice writes from a lifetime of experience of the psychic world. Her insights go way beyond ‘fortune telling’ and mediumship. She sheds light on why we are here & how our souls grow & learn.

I found this to be a very different book from the one I expected, much wiser for a start and more thought provoking. ‘Spooks’ had me worried in the title- I wondered if we would simply have a book full of messages from those who have passed over- interesting but not necessarily enlightening. There are indeed some stories about the way we pass over, who will be there to meet us and what it is like on ‘the other side’, but Alice is actually referring to her spirit guides as her ‘spooks’; she has that kind of easy & informal relationship with them.

The numerous case studies have been presented in a way that really illustrates the profound spiritual lessons that Alice is teaching. These are enhanced by stories of guidance and learning from Alice’s own life & that of her family. Here is a lady who ‘walks her talk’ and can apply her spiritual teaching to instances in her own life.

Amongst the topics that Alice offers insight on are the really ‘big’ issues such as karma, free will, soul groups and life between incarnations. She sees our physical lives down here as providing ‘everything for the soul’s growth’, including some big lessons that may not be comfortable, but are necessary & may keep coming back to us until we’ve learned our lesson, or cleared our karma.

I think this is an immensely practical read. Here is spiritual guidance in a form you can really apply to your own life situation. I found myself reaching for the book several times & opening it at random to passages that were pertinent for me at that moment. The ‘psychic tips’ are also helpful & come straight from Alice’s own experience, so feel fresh and direct.

Here’s her ‘psychic tip’ for self healing:

Here’s where to start when working on your own body. Say “I am healing…” and then name the portion of your body you are working on. You can also use the “I am healing…” technique when you are working on someone else.

The “I am” is part of the universal prayer and acknowledgement of who you really are. This allows others in your soul group to lend their help when requested. You are not the little soul running around in a quandary here on earth looking for the truth that you think you are. The real YOU is so much more. Try to remember that. Learn to have faith, and try to understand who you really are! And then the healing can begin.

I think this is tremendous advice & it applies to so much more than physical self-healing. So many times we lose sight of the big picture & feel like the ‘little soul’ caught up in events over which we have no control. Alice reminds us throughout the book that everything is for a reason even if we can’t see it at the time, we are not ‘victims’ of circumstance, we have a purpose for being here and we truly are guided from ‘the other side’ if we allow it.

The whole book is written in an engaging and accessible manner and once you’ve read it you really feel you’ve got to know this special lady like a wise friend. I know I’ll be keeping this handy & turning back to it when I feel I need a reminder of the bigger picture & some encouragement on my way.

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