The Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox
The Autumn Equinox is a time of great transformation. Change is an everywhere present force as the landscape is deeply transformed by bronze, scarlet, and gold. The soul seems alight with the creative fire of inspiration, and there is a readiness, on a soul level, for this transformation.

Your life is a canvas, and it must be created by you on a daily basis, because you, and only you, are the artist of your life.

So, though you may not be an artist in the usual sense of the word, being an artist (whether you are conscious of it or not) requires transformation.

Of all the seasons, Autumn carries with it the most profound opportunities for inner transformation. It’s a time for examining what’s in your life; what works and what doesn’t work? It’s a time to release non-beneficial beliefs, and make way for more supportive and nurturing beliefs. It’s a time for inner reflection, cleansing, and releasing.

To make the most of this time of year, consciously make choices that support your experience as the artist of your life.

Clear Your Physical and Emotional Clutter
Nothing negates the process of transformation more than clutter; both physical and emotional clutter slow down the flow of inspiration. When inspiration slows down, you become stuck.

Clear your space: What do you love, what makes you feel uncomfortable? What detracts from your experience? Give it away, or throw it away.

Clear your mind: What do you dwell on? Where do you feel like a victim? Where do you feel empowered? Get clear on your thoughts and emotions.

Journaling Prompts for the Autumn Months
Journaling is a powerful creative tool to find out just where your thoughts and emotions are focused. Journaling allows you to set free all that which is stored, in secret, in your heart. Honor your journal, and your precious heart, by keeping it from being a list of complaints and negative experiences. A journal should never be a dumping ground. The power of journaling is in recognizing what has caused you pain, and then allowing yourself to use it as a force for transformation.

Consider taking some time to journal on these questions:

Who do I need to gratefully acknowledge in my life?

What sorrow is within me?

Am I abusing someone else’s boundaries?

Who am I taking advantage of?

What excites my soul?

What talent to I most appreciate about myself?

What can I celebrate?

What is a gift of mine that I have trouble acknowledging?

What is something I am grateful for right now?

What could I do better?

How could I honor myself right now?

Every experience is an opportunity for transformation, and though transformation is a year-round process, the Autumn months offer a unique and powerful energy that allows you to access that well, deep within you, filled with inspiration and insight. Allow these energies to nurture you, rather than fighting against them, and step forth as the powerful creator you came here to be.

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