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Spring Clearing

Since spring will soon be apparent in North America, why not get a jump on it? Why not do a little spring clearing? Notice I did not say cleaning, because we're not working on the yard today, or on the windows. I'm talking about clearing the clutter...in our closets. Ah, now you're with me. At first you thought I was going down the road of getting out the ammonia, the bleach, the mop, and the pail. I know you did, and that's okay. You'll get to that, if you want to. However, why not do something that will put a little bounce in your step and make you feel lighter? And remember, I am only suggesting this because I am in the midst of doing it. It's not something Iím trying out on you, for the first time. This is perhaps my -- what -- fiftieth time doing this? Okay, maybe I haven't done it that many times but you understand.

If we revise our wardrobes to reflect who we really are, then not only will we lessen the crowding in our closets, but we will find that our minds will also feel de-cluttered. I donít know why that is, I only know itis true. Be willing to part with fashion faux pas, our mistakes, or with things you havenít worn in years. I know. You paid a whole lot of money for that outfit. Yet the truth is: it doesn't fit right, now. Looking at it hanging there only makes you feel wistful or slightly sad. And who needs that? You can make yourself feel better about parting with items by remembering that this clearing out is like a new start. Sure the very idea may be daunting, but it is so worth it.

Gather some plastic bins, bags or boxes in which to place the items that you'll part with. Then as you go through your things, try them on if youíre not sure. If it looks good, no questions asked, it's a keeper. If you have to turn this way and that, if you have to tug on it, or wonder what you can wear with it, I say it's too much trouble -- especially if you don't love it. Don't keep anything that doesnít make you feel good about yourself. Don't keep things that are more than two sizes smaller than you are now. Sure, losing weight is one of your goals, but when you do, you'll want to wear something that more aptly fits who you are now, not who you were -- way back when.

Think about the lives you lead, the person that you are, all the hats that you daily wear, so to speak. If you've got a fireman's outfit in your closet and you no longer put out fires, donate it. Okay, I know that was perhaps an exaggerated scenario; but you get the picture. Some things you will trash though, like that ratty old tee. Other things you can donate, or you can pack away for a neighbor, a friend, or even your child. Just make sure that you offer the items that you'll part with to someone who will -- quite possibly --get as much as pleasure out of them as you did. This is where the clearing of the mind takes place. You won't feel guilty about letting something lovely go, to someone who will enjoy it.

I know you're thinking, if I do all that, sure, I'll have a clean closet -- and a bare back. Not so! The universe has a way of giving to us what we give out. It's karma. Therefore, don't think: I can't replace my whole wardrobe right now. You don't have to. The thing to remember is: just like you offered someone something you loved, something that was quite possibly new, another someone can do the same for you. Or you will walk into the outfit(s) of your dreams, at a fabulous sale. Hey, you just never know. And you will never know, unless you try it. So do a little spring clearing. The benefits could wind up boundless, for you!

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