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Psychic Protection

Everyone can benefit from using some level of psychic protection in their lives, but if you work a lot with people, particularly with the vulnerable, or as a psychic or healer, then you should build psychic protection into your daily routine.

Many ‘New Agers’ believe that if they are working ‘in love and light’ nothing can harm them. This is naive. If you were truly love and light all the way through there would be nothing for negativity to attach to, but who is really that clear?

You can pick up psychic debris from places and people just by being there, and of course when you move negative energies in a healing you don’t want to take them away with you in your energy field!

Psychic attacks occur when people intentionally ill-wish another and these can be very unpleasant. True psychic attacks are rare, more commonly people affect each other by thinking jealous or unkind thoughts, which if backed up with strong emotion can reach their target and do harm.

Just as you attract the attention of guides and angels as you progress on your spiritual pathway, so you may attract the attention of other less desirable beings. Many who rush into healing without proper guidance and care, particularly those who aim to ‘become a Reiki Master in a weekend’ put themselves at risk.

Fortunately there are a number of ways to strengthen your aura and avoid being 'easy prey'.

At its most basic ‘psychic protection’ is about keeping healthy. People with a robust constitution are much less likely to pick any undesirable energies up. If the aura is strong and resilient any negativity will simply bounce off. All the usual health advice such as regular exercise, a healthy diet, enough rest and relaxation, no smoking or drugs and very moderate or no drinking will help to keep you well at every level.

Limit the time you spend in close proximity to electromagnetic fields. Sit further from the television and don’t leave electrical equipment on in the bedroom, even on ‘standby’. These energies are harmful and can weaken your energy field over time, as can exposure to Geopathic Stress.

Keep your thinking positive- negative thinkers are less healthy generally and can’t repel challenges to their systems as effectively, whether it’s a cold bug or a negative thoughtform.

Get outside! Some places are particularly cleansing and recharging. A walk by the sea invigorates mind, body and spirit. Alternatively any other stretch of clean running water is cleansing. Hilltops are usually healthy places to go, aim for somewhere with clean air, where the breeze can blow through your aura and refresh you. Even in a City it is good to get away from the streets and into a park. Natural energies, particularly from trees can really perk up your aura. If the sun shines take the opportunity to sit or stand in it for a while; you can feel the rays topping your batteries up!

There are some simple aura cleansing and protecting routines which will help to keep your energy field in good shape. You won’t want to use all of these- you’d never get out of the door in the morning! Experiment to find a combination that suits you and your lifestyle.

Stay grounded. Visualise roots growing deep down into the Earth from the soles of your feet. Being ‘well grounded’ offers a great deal of protection. Practice your grounding visualisation every morning and whenever you feel ‘spacey’. Carry hematite or another grounding stone with you if necessary.

Visualise a bubble around yourself, protecting the outer edge of your aura like a strong, flexible membrane. Your bubble can be filled with any colour that takes your fancy when you visualise it- or even be rainbow hued. Experiment to see what you feel most comfortable with. Make sure that your bubble goes all around you, behind your back and under your feet too. Use your intention to ensure that the bubble repels all negativity, but will allow positive energies to flow through it.

Instead of the bubble exercise you may use a hooded, floor length cloak or a shield decorated with a protective design of your choice. The shield idea is versatile as you can use a ‘mini shield’ over any area you feel vulnerable, such as your solar plexus.

If you shower in the morning visualise the water flowing through your energy field carrying away any negativity down the plughole with it. If you prefer a bath you may add sea or rock salt to the water- about a cupful- dissolve it well. Salt has long been renowned for its cleansing properties.

Use crystals. Several crystals have strong protective qualities. My favourite is black tourmaline, but you may also like to try black obsidian or smoky quartz.

Experiment with essences. There are many brands on the market offering Psychic Protection formulas, or you could dowse up and make your own crystal essence. I particularly like Alaskan Essence Sprays, try Guardian.

Carry a symbol of protection that is meaningful for you, such as a cross, a pentacle or a Star of David. A paper representation will do, but you may prefer a piece of jewellery.

If You Suspect You’ve Picked Something up...

Signs and Symptoms
-Feeling down or angry with no real cause- especially if this is out of character for you.
-Feeling really drained or tired for no reason
-Having odd thoughts that just don’t sound like you
-You have feelings of being out of control
-Bad dreams

Don’t panic! The vibration of fear is attractive to all sorts of nasties and won’t do you any good anyway. Keep calm and try one of the exercises below. If you still feel something is wrong contact an experienced healer.

Hold your hands under cool running water, especially the wrists. This is especially helpful if the feeling of something ‘not being right’ comes on after being around others.

Take a cleansing shower or salt bath as described before. It may just be some ‘psychic debris’ that needs to be dissolved away.

Visualise a shower of light running through your aura and dissolving any negativity.

Smudge through your aura or use frankincense.

Use a cleansing spray, or cleansing gem or flower essence through your energy field.

If you feel someone ‘has it in for you’, or you have to go into places that have difficult energies, visualise a Teflon coated shell around your aura. Anything unpleasant will just slide off.

If you are picking up a lot of negativity on a regular basis take a good look at your diet, lifestyle and way of working. It is likely that your aura needs to be strengthened and you may need to change some of your practices.

If you are persistently troubled by psychic protection issues it may be worth consulting an experienced healer specialising in these issues. My husband Steve specialises in entity removal from a distance. Contact him through his site Entity Removal I've also found Judy Hall's book on psychic protection excellent to fall back on over the years.

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